The highly anticipated Galaxy Note 4 went up for sale last week in most regions of the world. If you have already managed to get your hands on one, chances are you are looking for a case to go with it as well.  To make your life a bit easier and to save you time, we have done a roundup of the top 5 cases available for the Galaxy Note 4 that are worth your money.

Spigen Neo Hybrid

If you don’t mind spending a bit higher than usual on phone cases, have a look at Neo Hybrid case for the Galaxy Note 4 from SGP. This dual-layer case consists of a UV-coated hard polycarbonate frame and a soft TPU cover to protect your Note 4 from every possible fall and dings. If you are looking for a no-frills case that offers adequate protection without adding any significant bulk, the SGP Neo Hybrid should be the perfect companion for your Note 4. Buy Spigen’s Neo Hybrid case for the Galaxy Note 4

Encase Leather Wallet case

If you are a fan of wallet style cases that have a leather feel to it, make sure to check out Encase offerings. The case offers slots to keep your debit and credit cards and can also act as a stand for your Galaxy Note 4 so that you can sit back and watch a movie on it. They also offer more than ample protection from drops as well. The case is available in a variety of colors and at $17.99 it is a complete steal. Buy Encase Leather-Style Wallet case for Galaxy Note 4

Samsung’s S-View and LED cover

Samsung also makes a handful of cases for the Galaxy Note 4 that are worth a look especially the S-View cover. This flip cover comes with a window in the front that allows the users to interact with their device without opening the flap. While this might not sound like a big deal, it is a big usability win as Note 4 owners can check their important notifications, accept or reject calls and do much more without opening the flap at all. The LED cover for the Galaxy Note 4 from Samsung is also worth a look, if you liked HTC’s Dot View case for the One M8. While the cover does not feature any window in the front, it can notify you of important notifications using icons that are visible through the small holes present at the top of the case. While getting your hands on these cases should be pretty easy, they are pretty pricey at $54.99 and $79.99, respectively. Buy official S-View cover case for Galaxy Note 4

i-Balson Hybrid clear case

If you are a fan of TPU style cases, the Hybrid clear case from i-Blason might just fit the bill for you. The transparent case provides more than enough protection for your Note 4 without covering its textured leather like back and metal edges. The front lip of the case is slightly raised so as to protect the screen of your Note 4 from scratches. The case itself is made of a 3H rating scratch free material so that you don’t need to think twice before putting it on a table or in your pocket. At $9.99, the clear case from i-Balson for the Galaxy Note 4 to not burn a hole in your pocket. Buy i-Balson hybrid clear case for Galaxy Note 4 Which is your favorite case for the Galaxy Note 4? Or are you using your phablet naked? Drop in a comment and let us know.