Sony’s latest flagship — the Xperia Z3 — is already up for sale in most of the major markets of the world. Since the phone is made of glass, it is incredibly easy to scratch or crack its front and back — which is why if you are planning on buying the Xperia Z3 or have already got your hands on one, its time for you to get a suitable case for it as well. If you are looking for some recommendations, check out our list of the best cases available for the Xperia Z3 in the market right now.

Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit

If TPU cases are more of your style, you are going to love the Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit case for the Z3. The case is available in 11 vibrant colors to match the color of your Z3 and since it is made of TPU — it offers ample protection from drops and the usual dings in day-to-day usage. At $13 apiece, the Cruzerlite Bugdroid is not really cheap for a TPU case but it is well worth the investment.

PU Leather Wallet Card Hold

If flip cases are more of your style, you will love PU’s Leather Wallet Flip Cover for the Xperia Z3. This flip cover can also act as a wallet and provides slots for you to store your credit cards and money. The case can also act as a side stand — making it easier for you to watch videos on the large 5.2-inch screen of the Z3. While the case does add noticeable bulk to the Z3, it makes up for it by offering more than ample protection. Since the PU leather case comes in at a mere $8.99, it lacks the polish and quality of some costlier leather made flip cases out there. It also does not offer automatic sleep/wake functionality because of the lack of a built-in magnet inside it. Buy: eBay

Rearth’s Ringke Fusion Bumper

The Xperia Z3 is definitely a looker and if you don’t want to hide its beauty inside a case — the Ringke Fusion Crystal Clear bumper is perfect for you. The bumper protects the edges of the device without adding substantial bulk to the it while the transparent back gives a clear view of the glass back of the handset and shows off Sony’s OmniBalance design in all its glory. If you have butterfingers though, stay away from this case as it only offers limited protection against drops. At $9.99 apiece (on eBay) though, the Ringke Fusion is cheap enough to not make you warrant second thoughts about purchasing it. As a bonus, the case also comes with a free plastic screen protector.

Case Mate Barely There

If you are a fan of minimalistic cases, the Barely There from Case Mate for the Xperia Z3 is your best bet. The case is made of impact resistant plastic with a very slim waistline to make sure that it offers the best of both worlds — adequate protection against drops without ruining the sleek look of the Z3. If you don’t like the plastic shell, you can also have a look at the Barely There Clear case which comes with a transparent back. At €15 apiece, Case Mate’s Barely There for the Xperia Z3 is slightly expensive than similar offerings from its competitors but for the quality it offers, it is well worth the price. Buy: Case Mate

Sony SCR-24 Smart Window Cover

If you don’t mind spending a fortune on cases, have a look at the official Style-up cover for the Z3 from Sony. The book cover case has a cut-out in the front allowing you to pick up/reject calls and do other mundane tasks on the phone without actually opening the case. The case also has cut-outs for the front-facing stereo speakers to make sure that their output is not muffled or distorted. Sony offers the case in the same four colors it offers the Z3 to make sure that Z3 owners don’t end up with any weird color combination. Sadly, this pricey case is only up for pre-orders right now with the first batch of stock expected to arrive only towards the end of this month. Missed an excellent case for the Xperia Z3? Drop in a comment and let us know.