If you guessed Instant Pot, you’re correct! The easy-to-use pressure cooker has continued to fly off shelves well into 2020. And during the COVID-19 pandemic, when fewer people are eating outside the home, the kitchen tool has become even more essential. Tap or click here to see three great tips for using your Instant Pot. If you enjoy using your Instant Pot, you’re probably looking for ways to get even more out of it in your kitchen. Well, you’re in luck — these 5 kitchen gadgets can help you create even more delicious meals that take full advantage of your Instant Pot’s abilities.

Get perfectly textured food with this handy Sous Vide tool

If you’re not familiar with the Sous Vide method, you’ll want to be. It’s how gourmet chefs in some of the most respected restaurants on earth prepare delicious, fall-off-the-bone meats and perfectly textured vegetables. To cook Sous Vide, you need to seal your food in a plastic bag while heating and circulating the water to a proper temperature. The latter portion is much more difficult, but this Sous Vide tool from Anova makes it easy. Just plug it in, put it in your pot, and set your temperature. The tool takes care of all the rest.

This one goes outside your kitchen, but it complements your pasta perfectly

Instant Pots are excellent for crafting delicious Italian meals, and what could go better with your pasta than an oven cooked pizza? This wood-fired outdoor pizza oven easily fits in your backyard or patio and will help you get that delicious blend of melted cheese and crispy crust you just can’t get from a frozen pizza. It even takes gas, too.

An all-in-one kitchen gadget for the stuff that can’t go in the pot

Need to air-fry some fries? Grill some fish? Sizzle a steak? Your Instant Pot is better for slow-cooking, so you’ll want a kitchen tool that helps you prepare the stuff your Pot can’t cover. This all-in-one electric grill from Ninja lets you perfectly sear meats indoors, as well as air fries or dehydrates whatever you can throw at it. It’s a perfect partner-in-crime for your Instant Pot.

Create awesome side-dishes with this convenient air-fryer

Air-frying is much healthier than conventional frying with oil, and the foods you create with this method are far less oily. By sticking with air-frying, you can reduce your calorie count and make those guilty-pleasure foods a whole lot less guilty. This temperature-controlled air fryer from Dash can create yummy french fries, hash browns and more in just minutes. It even includes a miniature oven in the core of the unit for quick-and-easy kitchen multitasking.

Steaks and hamburgers are a cinch with this indoor grill

Need to get your grill on? Not everyone has space or budget for a large outdoor grill, and lugging the equipment for it around can be enough to make you lose your appetite. This compact indoor grill from Cuisinart has you covered and is perfect for cooking steaks, burgers and fish from the comfort of your kitchen. It even works as a panini press for tasty toasted sandwiches on the go.

Bonus: Need another Instant Pot?

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