This is a Guest Post by Soumen Halder

Facebook Images App # 1 – Photo Album Strip

This Facebook application lets you manage & show off your albums on your profile in a more systematic way. You can organize them in categories whatever be the number of albums. You can also hide albums from anyone if you don’t want to share it. This app have multiple styles too. You can also arrange them in single or multiple columns. Te background effect(pastel colors) for images is also very cool. This app has almost 251,530 monthly active users.

Facebook Images App # 2 – Photo Box

This is a very cool app with really cool features. This app lets you tag your images as in Flickr. This is a kind of Flickr for Facebook. The coolest feature about this app is that it provides a stat for the images, showing how many people have visited it or the number of hits. It is not so popular still now but its a great app to try. It has only 281 monthly active users for now.

Facebook Images App # 3 – Photo Finder

Perhaps the most brilliant app in making. How many times did you have to request your friends to tag your face in images that they have used in their profiles? But if you use this app you don’t have to request them again. This app simply scans for images for your face & if it finds a match it tags the image with your name. How cool is that? A very neat idea of face recognition. But it still is the beta mode & fails to do the job quite often. But that doesn’t make it a dull app, we can wait for it to work with its full functionality.

Facebook Images App # 4 – Photo Stalker

It feels really frustrating when you cannot see images of people who are not your friends. This app lets you see images from profiles of people who are not friends of yours. Though this app can be barred to show your hidden images as it is an issue of privacy. It is a bit tough to use as it need the Facebook ID to use it. Still it is a very active app in Facebook having 145,664 monthly active users.

Facebook Images App # 5 – Photo Surfer

This is a very easy to use Facebook app to view pictures of people who are not your friends as well as people who are your friends. It is like the photo stalker but is much easier to use. It has got one click switch between profiles. You can also leave pre-defined comments on the pictures as well. It has got 1,943 monthly active users.

WARNING : These days its an issue over image content privacy in Facebook. There are applications that draws images from your profiles & show them in their ads. So you must be sure of apps to share your profile information with. Because once you install a app for your profile, Facebook allows the app to access your profile info. So let me show you how to edit the privacy information.

Go to Settings > Privacy Settings.

Now select News Feed and Wall.

Select Facebook Ads now.

You will see Ads shown by Third Party Applications.

Select No one in the dropdown list.

Don’t forget to Save Changes.

So are you on Facebook? Which Facebook apps do you like? Share your views in the comments section below. And yeah, you can be my friend on Facebook! This is a guest post by Soumen Halder. Soumen is a co-founder of Ampercent, a blog on Computers, Software and Stuff from the Technology World.