Top 5 Free File Copying Tools

1. TeraCopy

TeraCopy tops the list for a reason. It lets seamlessly replace Windows’ Explorer copy and move functions. It lets you copy files faster by dynamically adjusting buffers to reduce seek times. The program also lets you pause and resume file transfers, so you can free up system resources and pause the copy process at any time. What more? TeraCopy also offers asynchronous copy to speed up file transfer between two physical hard drives. And you know the best part? When an error is encountered, it won’t just abandon the process like Windows, but it will try several times and if it can’t get past the error, will skip the dodgy file and not terminate the entire transfer. There is hardly anything going against this simple to use freeware. A must have recommendation from us! Download TeraCopy

2. ExtremeCopy

ExtremeCopy is an easy to use freeware with a simple interface. It can increase copying speed from 20% to 120% and comes with standard (yet useful) features like Error Recovery. A good thing about ExtremeCopy is that most of the time it calculates the ‘time remaining’ value accurately. Once installed, ExtremeCopy sets itself as the default handler for copying and moving files and integrates with Windows Explorer. Download ExtremeCopy

3. SuperCopier

Another useful freeware copy tool is SuperCopier which adds several useful features to your Windows OS like pausing file copy progress, saving the file copy list and then loading it back and resuming copy operations, a real-time copy speed computation, ability to limit copy speed, an error log etc. One negative aspect of SuperCopier is that it doesn’t add the context menu item unlike TeraCopy & ExtremeCopy. Though it works on Windows 7 & Vista, it was originally developed for Windows XP only. Download SuperCopier

4. Copy Handler

Copy Handler is highly customizable and fully integrates with Windows OS. In addition, Copy Handler offers many advanced options such as task queuing, filtering files according to specific criteria, pausing and resuming copying files operations, changing the copying parameters on the fly and in many cases also offers a significant acceleration of the entire copying files process. You can paste Copy Handler from its context menu entries. It can speed up transfers upto 6-7 times. Download Copy Handler

5. Talent Copy V

Talent Copy V is a small tool that speeds up the transfer upto 3 times and at the same time limits the empty HDD head moves, HDD waste, and noise. The copy process will start instantly and the app will make full use of your processor by using multiple threads combined with advanced algorithm. You will be able to follow the overall progress along with various other information. It was originally build for Windows Vista but now supports Windows 7 as well. Download Talent Copy V