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Looking for the best video recording app for your Android smartphone? You have come to the right place. We tell you the top 5 video recording apps for Android which also provide manual controls for better results. This list includes both free and freemium (free+premium) apps for your video recording needs. Make sure you follow our Best Apps hub for more such resources on apps.

Content creators need not invest in expensive gear right from the beginning as smartphones have become capable enough to shoot even 4K videos at 60fps. However, someone more experienced would realize the lack of manual controls while shooting video in most smartphones, and that’s a parameter that can help you take your videos to the next level.

Best video recording app for Android

If you too shoot videos on your smartphone or are planning to start a YouTube channel, here are the top five video recording apps for Android with support for manual controls.

Cinema FV-5

Cinema FV-5 is one of the best video recording apps out there on the Play Store. You get probably every control that you ever need while shooting a video and the interface is simple with all toggles located right on the viewfinder. You can control the exposure, white balance, ISO and can even change focus while recording which is one of the best features of this app. While the full version is paid, you can download the Lite version for free which has all the features but with some ads which is certainly not too much of an issue. Download it here.

Footej Camera

Footej Camera is one of the most popular third-party video recording apps on the Play Store. Not only does it provide tons of options to capture images, but videos as well is a forte of the app. You get various ISO and White Balance adjustments along with manual focusing as well, but do note that you cannot vary the focus once you hit the record button. The UI is slightly cluttered though and manual focus can at times be iffy, but certainly gets the job done most of the times. Download it here.

Open Camera

Another extremely popular app on the Play Store when it comes to a replacement for the stock camera app. While photography is its stronghold, the app does offer manual controls for video and they are quite elaborate. We especially like the step sizes for ISO and White Balance found on this app. However, focus again cannot be varied while recording. This app, however, seems to produce the best quality video in terms of details and noise reduction. Download it here.

HD Camera Pro

HD Camera Pro is again a professional camera app meant for taking pictures, but videography also turned out great in our testing. What appealed to us the most about this video recording app is its simplistic UI. All the controls are visible right on the main screen in a bar which makes it easy especially for first-time users. There’s even an option to record a short video almost like a live photo. This is a nice all-around app. Again, the full version is paid but the Lite version for free has almost everything you need. Download it here.

Manual Camera

Manual Camera is the final app on the list if you want to shoot videos on your Android smartphone using manual controls. This app is also pretty similar to the rest and offers manual control for White Balance, ISO and focus. Instead of preset focus options, you get a manual slider to control focus which is pretty handy. The options on-screen however can get confusing as there are too many of them, so just spend some time to get used to the settings and you’re good to go. You can even add filters to your videos using this app. Download it here. These were our picks for the best third-party camera apps to help you shoot videos on your Android smartphone with manual controls. While some manufacturers like Samsung did provide manual controls for video within the stock camera app for its flagships, it’s now gone with the OneUI update. Other brands like Huawei and LG still have a pro mode for videos, but again, only for flagship smartphones. These apps will enable manual controls even on budget and mid-range phones, so you can thank us later.