Ipad – The best way to experience the web, email, photos and videos is hands down the ipad. All of the built in iPad apps were premeditated from the ground up, to take benefit of the large Multi-Touch screen and advanced capabilities of iPad. They work in any orientation allowing to the pages to be viewed in portrait or landscape on the large Multi-Touch screen, by letting one’s finger to do the surfing. The split-screen view and expansive on-screen keyboard, allows to see and touch the email in ways like never before. Some of the main features of iPad comprises of Safari, Mail, Photos, Video, App Store, iBooks, Maps, Calendar, Notes, Home, Screen, Contacts, Spotlight Search, Accessibility, iWork for presentations, etc. The list just seems to be never ending.

Asus NX90 – A perfect blend of style and technology, it’s the hottest creation by Asus. An extraordinary combination of notebook and all-in-one, makes NX90 has two track pads, one on the right of the keyboard and the other one built right in to the hand-rest. The self-proclaimed first polished aluminum finish and even an integrated surround sound bar which is 10 times the size of an average set of laptop speakers. It has a quad core and very powerful graphics. It can have Blu-ray. It has to be at least 17 inches, if not more with a mirror back. The NX90 is the epitome in the world of design and innovation by Asus. This laptop is for stylish people, who want something special on their desks. The avant-garde design is quite different from standard laptops, in terms of design and aesthetics. It’s a style statement more along with functionality. It is engineered to produce an astounding multimedia experience.

Panasonic 3d Camcorder – The AG-3DA1 is the world’s first professional, completely integrated HD 3D camcorder that records and saves to a SD card media. This camcorder is believed to democratize 3D production by giving professional videographers a more inexpensive, flexible and dependable tool for capturing immersive content, while providing a training toll for educators. AG- 3DA1’s main features are – • Twin-lens Full HD 3D camcorder (made-to-order) • Power Consumption – Under 19 W • Weight – Under 6.6 pounds (3 kg) • Recording Media – SDHC/SD Memory Card

Kinect -The Xbox 360 maker trembled the video game world with the proclamation of its full-body motion-sensitive controller. At E3 2009, Microsoft blew the media away with Kinect; a motion sensing device that allows a person to control video games and Xbox 360 menus with their body as a replacement for of a peripheral controller. Kinect gives the player a voice and full-body motion control over their on-screen avatar using an RGB camera, depth sensor, multi-array microphone, and custom processor running proprietary software. Kinect works with current XBox 360 systems. Microsoft has also launched the Kinect software development kit to game makers who want to incorporate Kinect functionality into their products.

Ford’s Mykey – Ford Motor Company have introduced a pioneering new technology called Mykey. It is designed to assist teenagers drive safely, giving parent’s peace of mind, helps conserve fuel & increases safety belt usage. Ford’s Mykey feature is expected to become standard on many other Lincoln, Ford & Mercury models. This key not only allow owners to program the vehicle’s top speed at 80 mpn, but also has a speed alert chime at 45, 55 or 65 mph. It also enables traction control system that controls tire spin & cannot be deactivated. It limits the audi0 volume to 44 percent of the total volume; as well as provides early low fuel warnings. Technology is ever changing and full of bolts from the blue. Perhaps, the following year there will be new and cooler gadgets that will leave us dumbstruck. But, these would most certainly make a tech-savvy person maneuver and apprehensive about what lies next in the following year.