iPhone is not just a smartphone, it’s much more than that. By having a constructive thinking, you can stay up-to the mark and productive with your time. I believe iPhone is the best option for almost everyone, from a master chef to a star business man. What makes iPhone so great? The Apps! That’s right, the apps are very innovative and you can make your iPhone even better with over 300,000 apps from Apple’s App Store. The students from the High School can find great iPhone applications on the App Store for learning purposes, handling assignments or for the exams. The applications designed for the students will let you find everything, from practicing French to learning about the Apocalypse or almost anything with some of the smartest student apps around. I am a student, I love my iPhone because it has helped me every time when I had problems in my studies and has worked like a wonder while I was getting my assignments done. So, today I’ll be sharing some of the coolest Student Apps for your iPhone and I hope that you guys will find them helpful!

Top 5 iPhone Apps for Students

Here’s a collection of 5 best student applications which I have been using for the past few months, they are very useful and I hope you guys will also find them too! So here we go:

  1. iStudiez Pro: This award-winning student application has been designed for the iPhone which lets you manage all your classroom tasks, schedules and lets you stay current with your course, assignments and the exams. The best part is the “Multiple Alarms” which ensure that you are on time to the school and the push notifications are great!
  2. Periodic App: I really don’t like Chemistry but I had to do it when I was preparing for my grand test, the Periodic for iPhone lets you carry the whole periodic table with you, this app uses the updated and accurate information straight from the IUPAC. This app gathers 118 elements and gives you details on atomic numbers, electronic configuration, symbolization of elements etc. If you want to learn about a specific element from the periodic table, just tap in and learn more about it.
  3. NAT Geo World Atlas: That’s what I like the most. National Geographic World Atlas app for iPhone is the best way to discover the planet you live in. You can find the places which you never heard about, the user interface is smooth and high-resolution graphics make it fun while you discover on your iPhone!
  4. New Oxford American Dictionary: If you want to learn English or want to improve your vocabulary or you want to look-up a difficult word. Don’t worry, this powerful application will help you anyway with over 250,000 word entries. The audio pronunciations are a great way to understand the word sound-mechanics, you will find 60,000 audio-pronunciations.
  5. Convert ~ the unit calculator: Don’t carry the brain-eating formulas for performing mathematical conversions, now with Convert App for iPhone you can convert energy, force, speed, currency, volume, weight, length and so on. It’s a crazy converter and let’s you convert anything! These are the applications which I personally use on my iPhone for my educational purposes, and I hope you guys find them helpful and please don’t forget to share your apps, I will love to have them on my iPhone. Share in your comments! This is a guest post by Aurangzaib Qumbrani who authors MadXperts, a technology blog where he shares his personal interests on Apple, Microsoft and Google. He is a dedicated blogger and an iPhone Lover!