The Samsung Galaxy Note7 has launched with a range of new features on the device. This includes improvements to the security suite using an iris scanner, better screen protection using Corning Gorilla Glass 5 or even the improved S Pen. Here, we give a run-down of the top 5 new features on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

#5 Iris Scanner

The new iris scanning feature on the Galaxy Note7 allows for a more convenient and secure method of unlocking your device. Given the complexities of the iris, this is a much safer option than using only the fingerprint scanner on the device. The iris scanner on the Note7 is also able to replace passwords for websites and can be used authenticating Samsung Pay purchases. Samsung also says that the iris scanner on the Note 7 cannot be fooled using photographs.

#4 Corning Gorilla Glass 5

Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 is the first smartphone in the market to use Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5. This glass has survived up to 80% of ‘screen’ drops from a 1.6m height, making it the strongest of it’s kind. This should make the Galaxy Note 7 less prone to shattering when accidentally dropped.

#3 New S Pen

The new Samsung S Pen bring along with it new features such as the ability to capture GIF’s right from the screen. The S Pen is also able to zoom in on text when hovering above it or translate the same if so required. These features bring added versatility to the already versatile device. The S Pen has been around since the first Note, but now, its capabilities have reached new heights.

#2 Samsung Cloud

For the Galaxy Note7, Samsung is offering 15GB of free memory storage space. This might not be a lot, given that the device does already include expandable memory and a considerable 64GB as a base device memory, however, it does increase convenience for the transferring of files and data for those who work on the go.

#1 HDR Streaming

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