In the list list from below you will find the official apps from UPS and FEDEX and also some from third-party developers. With the package tracking apps from below, we’re sure that you will be able to enjoy only the best tracking features and other useful tools that you need to manage your purchases and keep track of your online orders. So, without further ado, here they are.

Slice (Free) – iOS/Android

Slice is apparently the best package tracking app both for iPhone/iPad users, as well as Android users. At least, that’s what the majority of reviewers and tech bloggers and websites are saying. And if we’ll have a look at the broad number of features that it comes with, we understand why it deserves to be called the best. Besides offering automatic package tracking, it also lets you watch over price drop alerts and product recalls.

FedEx Mobile (Free) – iOS/Android

FedEx is one of the most known global courier delivery services companies and they have official mobile apps for iOS and Android, just as you’d expect. The official free FedEx Mobile lets you easily track the status of your packages, find FedEx locations and customize your shipments and deliveries to have them delivered at your home with the FedEx Delivery Manager service. It will allow you to schedule the delivery, choose to deliver it to another address, provide delivery instructions, sign for the package. If you won’t be home, you can even schedule a vacation hold or choose to hold your package at a FedEx location. The app also has an option that lets you find the nearest FedEx location.

UPS Mobile (Free) – iOS/Android

If you use UPS more often that FedEx, then the official UPS Mobile app for iPhone/iPad and Android users will be just perfect for you. The app will let you manage your shipments with features for tracking and locations, and you won’t even have to log in in with your account credentials to get that information. You can also save up to 5 tracking numbers in your tracking list, find UPS service locations and get a get a quote on shipment costs and transit times. Creating an account and logging in will give you access to even more features, such as the ability to create shipping labels, sync your recent tracks from, nickname tracked shipments, enroll in the UPS My Choice and also set your delivery preferences.

Parcel (Free) – iOS

Parcel for iOS users impresses with the fact that it has more than 200 delivery services linked to, including UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT, LaserShip, Aramex, OnTrac, China Post, SingPost, vPost and many others. You can choose to input the tracking number or just use the barcode scanning function. The app also lets users locate their delivery on the map. You can enable push notifications and they will be sent only from 8am to 10 pm, so you could have the much-needed sleep. The app is totally free but if you want to use push notifications or track more than 3 shipments concomitantly, the premium subscription will cost you $1.99 per year.

Package Tracker Pro ($1.99) – Android

The Package Tracker Pro app for Android is one of the first such apps that have been released in the Play Store. The app works with a great variety of international shipping carriers and even lets you ustomize your carrier list. You can choose to receive notification and alerts regarding your package delivery via ringtone, LED, vibration or by email. You can also label, edit and delete packages as well as sync the tracking number between your PC and Android device.