There are tons and tons of paid icon packs but we cherry picked some of the best ones that we would want to recommend to you. Designers put lots of efforts into making these, but only the best ones out there stand out and following are some of the reasons why we picked what we picked:

Look and appeal of the icons is uniform across display/screen types and sizes Constant updates to design of icons More new icons added periodically Trusted designers Choice of wallpapers that come along with the icon packs Good deals going on some icon packs at the moment

Materialistik Icon Pack: Rs 38

As the name indicates, the underlying philosophy is the materialistic design patterns. But what makes it so unique is that icons for each app has tons of options and very colorful at that. We are most likely to use the system apps such as dialer, messaging camera and the who slew of Google Apps and each of these are so colorful with shadow effects giving it that 3D feel. For example look at the options one has for the camera app and each of them is unique and you will love them all.

Cornie Icon Pack: Rs 96.10

Colorful and playful but yet so elegant – this is pretty much what sums up the Cornie icons! Each icon has a unique design as compared to other packs, but still intuitive enough so your mind doesn’t require much of a reprogramming. This icon set brings in the perfect blend of retaining the original representation of an app and adding a new look to it.

Crispy Icon Pack: Rs 75

Sorus Icon Pack: Rs 29.99

This one is by Vertumus who has tons of icon packs and one of the best of the lot is Sorus. Simple rounded icons, minimal colors and those subtle shadow effects that make it fit well into any screen. This would be perfect for those who prefer soft, subtle icons against vibrant and colorful ones.

Retrorika Icon Pack: Rs 23.75

If you’re not in for the cool, bright and color splashed icons and looking for warmer shades, reminiscence of parchment paper from back in the day, this is the perfect one for you! This looks best when used on a phone with AMOLED screen. Thrown in those materialistic design wallpapers and you’re in for a visual treat.

Honorary mentions:

Proton Icon pack: Rs 50 Vopor Icon Pack: Rs 30 Vintage Icon Pack: Rs 128.84