For example, one feature that is of great importance is water resistant casings. Sometimes they will take a swim (especially dogs), and if the device is not water resistant, it will break and you will no longer have anything to track them with. Also, there are other features that a good GPS pet tracker device must have.

What features do these devices must have?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, being waterproof is something that is very important. Even if you own a pet that does not like swimming, it can still get wet if it starts raining, so be sure to look for this feature in the device you are looking for. Also, battery life is of the utmost importance. Some pet trackers have rechargeable batteries that work for a long time, but there are some that offer only a few days of juice. Something that will keep on working is crucial for your pet’s tracking device. Setting up zones is a feature that most pet trackers have, and what these do is allow you to create a zone on the map where the pet should stay, and when he wonders out of the selected zone, you will be notified. The size of the device is also important, especially for small animals, like cats, tortoises or anything similar. You could imagine that a device which is big and heavy will not only be uncomfortable for your pet, it will also make it harder for him to move and can sometimes pose a danger for animals. Range is the factor that most of you are interested in. After all, you get a GPS tracker for a pet that goes beyond your backyard, and a device that can track him over big distances is what you need. Of course, GPS trackers don’t usually have any problems, but there are other devices that use radio waves to track pets, and these have a limited range and they are more suited for tracking animals that don’t wander off, like tortoises or other small animals.

The best pet tracking devices

Now that we’ve seen what features to look for in your pet tracker devices, let’s take a look at some of the best ones we’ve come across.

5. Tagg-The Pet Tracker Master Kit

One of the best looking dog tracking devices we’ve seen so far, and also one of the best! The Tagg-The Pet tracker enables you to quickly see where your pet is at all times, but you can also compare his daily activity with older data and create a map of where he usually is. The device is very stylish and it will not interfere with the dog’s daily routine. Also, if you have more than one pet, you can add as many collars as you want to your map, and see where each of them is at any time, from your computer or mobile device. Thanks to its size, the device can be worn by medium-big sized cats also (10lbs), and when the day is out, you can charge the device on its dedicated charging dock.

4. Garmin GTU 10

A small, lightweight device that is also waterproof and perfect for tracking pets of medium and large size. Although far smaller than other, it is still too big for small animals, but nevertheless, it is a great device. Users must remember to check the batteries on the device, as they tend to run out fast. Other features that device has are geo-fences (you can set up to 10 of them and get alerts when your pet passes them), scheduled check-ins to see where your pet is at certain times and view the history of where your pet has been. Also, you have the option of integrating it with your smartphone or tablet and view where the device is at all times, but also receive email or text notifications.

3. Loc8tor Pet

This small and lightweight device is perfect for almost any kind of pet. Unlike others, it has a very small size and can be comfortably worn by most animals. The device can even be used to track kids or objects, like cars, bikes and so on, and thanks to its small size, it can even be mounted on your key ring. Although the device has a very small size, the location system is not GPS based, but it uses radio waves, and you have to find you pet with the tracking device that indicates the signal’s strength according where you are and how you are moving.

2. Garmin Astro

The Garmin Astro device is the tool of choice for hunters that have dogs. This rugged device is a perfect GPS tracker that is mounted on the pet’s collar and transmits very accurate data to a receiver. The receiver has a display that shows the exact location of your pet. Also, for those who have more than one pet, the Astro device can be linked up to more than one collar, allowing you to track multiple dogs on your hunting trip. The additional collars are however sold separately, but the package contains one of these devices, as well as the tracker. Because it is designed for the outdoors, it will resist to abuse like no other GPS pet tracker.

1. Loc8tor Pet GPS

Although one of the smallest GPS tracking devices available, the Loc8or Pet GPS system is still too big for small animals to carry comfortable (although it could be used with a cat harness). The device is perfect for dogs and other pets, as well as for items like cars, bikes and even for kids. It features a GPS receiver that pinpoints the exact location of the wearer and shows it on the map with great accuracy (map system is based on Google Maps). Also, the device can be tracked from any Internet enabled device, such as a smartphone, laptop or tablet. With these devices at hand, you will always know where your pet is and what he’s doing. Also, these devices can sometimes be used for tracking other things, such as leaving them in your car, or placing them in backpack of your kids. GPS devices still have the drawback of being pretty big, and so, they are not yet suitable for small animals. Maybe the future will bring smaller devices and everyone could use them on all their pets.