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Of course, this list could use some more child related stories, and this is why we bring you the top pregnancy apps. These are designed to give new parents all the information about the coming baby in a simple manner, avoiding all the medical talk that we find in some other places.

The best pregnancy apps

Having a baby is very scary for first time parents, they don’t know what to expect and what is happening inside the belly of the mother (never thought of this when you were searching wedding planning apps, did you?). These apps are designed to inform new parents of some of the most common aspects of pregnancy and childbirth, and although some of them can be quite extensive, they cannot replace the professional books written by doctors specialized in pregnancy.

5. iPregnancy

iPregnancy is one of the best known pregnancy apps for iOS devices. It comes as a complete toolbox with unique features and top notch build quality. The app performs just as expected: fast and flawlessly, which only shows the hard work that the developers have put in building it. Also, having some of the best features that one might want only adds to the app’s awesomeness. One feature that should be implemented in more apps is the 3D and 2D scans of babies, showing their development each passing week. Of course, other apps have images detailing the same thing, but when you see these images, only then you truly realize that this is a tiny human, waiting to be born. Available for: iOS

4. Happy Pregnancy

Although not one of the best looking apps in our top, Happy Pregnancy makes up for this by offering a host of features and an incredible amount of information that soon-to-be parents can research. Users of the app will benefit from all the usual features, such as weight tracker, journal or week info, but apart from this, the app offers integration with pregnancy forums and other very interesting features. For the week tracker, the app gives information as well as graphics about the development stage of the baby, making it very easy for parents to know exactly what it’s going on with their baby. Also, the app offers an even tracker where the mother can input what the baby is doing (moves, kicks or other information). The app is not as simple to navigate as others, but then again, it contains lots of information and features, and it was pretty hard for the developers to add all of these features without a slight compromise in accessibility. Available for: Android

3. BabyBump Pregnancy Free

One of the best looking pregnancy apps we’ve seen so far, BabyBump, is a awesome research tool for future parents, showing them detailed images of the baby in various stages of its development, as well as information that will help them understand how their future child is growing and what effect this has on the mother. The app also features a journal, where the mother can note any changes that she feels and the app allows for the creation of photo journals that can be shared on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Overall, the app is a great resource of information for new parents, and with its carefully selected and structured articles and very well designed graphics, it can be considered one of the best pregnancy apps of all. Available for: Android, iOS

2. Pregnancy Tracker from WhatToExpect.com

WhatToExpect is one of best known communities in the word when it comes to babies, and when a countdown of the best pregnancy apps there are is made, their name has to be on the list. The app comes in help to thousands of soon-to-be mothers and it gives them very detailed information and images about their child’s development. Also, the app allows mothers to connect to a community of other users and share experiences and give or receive advice. The app is wonderfully designed and it works smooth and fast, making it a perfect tool for any new parent to make some research on their future baby. Available for: Android, iOS

1. My Pregnancy Today

One of the most respectable authorities in child care and development, BabyCenter, gives soon-to-be parents, and especially moms, one of the best resources that they can use on their mobile device. Packed full of information about each stage of child development as well as images that show parents exactly how their future child is every day. Also, users can input the due date of birth and the app will show a regular notification countdown, as well as information on each specific stage. Mothers can connect to a worldwide network of users and talk about any aspect of childbirth or child development. Also, they can connect with other mothers that are expecting in the same period and swap information on each other’s pregnancies. Available for: Android, iOS Although these apps are great, they can’t prepare you for what’s to come, but at least you will have somewhere to turn to when in need of some quick information. The most important thing to do while expecting is to get as informed as you can about how life with the baby will be, and it is also crucial to know how the baby is developing before birth. As hard as scary as it seems now, it will all turn out OK in the end.