Well, your smartphone is always with you, and so, it can very easily double as your personal secretary. With the right management app, everyone, from the student looking for the next course, to the businessman searching for the next appointment, can benefit from having all the information that they need, delivered to them when they need it.

The best management apps for students

I can attest to the need of having a good time manager for keeping track of all my daily tasks, and I know first hand how useful an app like the ones we will feature here can be. They allow you to not worry if an exam or paper is approaching and by setting your calendar and schedule, you have nothing to fear (at least, you won’t forget about them, you will still have a lot on your plate by doing them).

5. Pocket Informant-Events,Tasks

Offering some of the best features of all the management apps we’ve seen until now, this app has all it takes to take the spot of the best one, but for all its features and tools, it has one major drawback: it’s much more expensive than the others featured in this top, going for $10, and users that want multi-platform sync, there is an extra tax they have to pay for the PC version. If price is not the issue, then this app is the very best in Android management, offering users a host of features that will allow them to keep a detailed schedule for all their tasks. The app allows access to almost all areas of the smartphone, including calendar, contacts, email and much more. Available for: Android

4. iProcrastinate

For those needing an app that can integrate with other services and sync to multiple devices, then iProcrastinate should be on the top of their list. This app allows the user to sync his calendar, to-do list and other activities with the Mac app over the Internet. Also, the app syncs with Dropbox and iCloud. In true fashion of iOS apps, the menu of iProcrastinate is very simple and good looking. Its menus are very easily accessible, so the app is extremely user friendly. This coupled with the smooth and fast browsing makes it one of the best student management apps of all. Keep in mind that the app is not necessarily designed for students, so it could be used by just about anyone. Available for: iOS

3. ysap!

yasp! has one of the best designs that we’ve seen so far. In the same time being user friendly, easy to navigate, easy to read and adding data to the app is extremely simple. For those who want a good looking app, but who don’t want to compromise the functionality of the app, yasp! is the perfect tool to use. Having such a minimalistic design means that the app is fast to use and it works flawlessly, showing users a schedule or timetable format where browsing through different days is done by swiping. Also, what makes the app so great is the fact that it is not only suitable for students and can be used for a number of tasks (even as a wedding planner). Available for: Android

2. iStudiez Pro

This app was developed for students around the world who have a difficult daily schedule, with lots of courses and appointments. The app allows them to set all their courses and check it at any time, but also add homework or other tasks they need to do. The app’s simple interface makes it easy both to add data and to read the data already stored. Also, for those who like to have a more traditional, calendar looking scheduled, they can opt for such a layout which will provide them with a much easier view of their schedule. Being so intuitive means that the app will be very easy and fast to use, perfect for those who are always on the run. Available for: iOS

1. Student T.A

Student TA is much more than a simple management app for students, as it can cover pretty much any part of your life and let you organize anything. Its Google Plus-like interface allows users to swipe to the right to reveal a menu where all the different options are. Here, users can find a to-do list, appointments, calendar, music or social networks like Facebook or Twitter. The app’s integration with so many services give it an almost operating system feel, and by using it, some users could do just about any task from the app, without having to use other apps. The concept of Student TA is amazing, showing us that most virtual assistants and management apps have a lot of catching up to do. Availability: iOS Now that you have at your disposal these awesome apps for time management, you can start worrying about something else (joke). These are awesome apps that will free your mind of having to remember every last detail of your day. Also, some of them will give you the possibility to use them as more than just schedule apps, they will become the new interface of your phone and a gateway to the smartphone’s other features.