One of the most powerful and highlighted features of CyanogenMod 12 is its unique theme engine that can customize nearly every aspect of the UI. The theme engine provides users with a great way to customize the Material Design that Google has introduced in Android 5.0 Lollipop to their own liking. If you are on the look out for some quality CyanogenMod 12 themes for your device, scroll below to check out our roundup of the five best themes available for CM12. Keep in mind that the theme engine is also available on other popular custom ROMs that are based on CyanogenMod 12 sources like Paranoid Android, AOKP, BlissPOP and more, and all the themes mentioned below are compatible with them as well.

Elixium UI

Elixium is my favorite theme for the CyanogenMod 12 theme engine. The minimal theme has a level of fit and finish that can matched by only a few other CM12 based themes. The theme is mainly a combination of white background with other elements being black, but in certain apps, the developer has used bold colors to keep things from looking monotonous. The theme comes with a bunch of wallpapers, a beautiful font, custom notifications and system sounds, boot animation and more. If there is one theme from this list that you must try, it has to be Elixium UI. Download: Elixium UI


Gem was among my favorite themes for CM11 and the CM12 version is no different. Just like the CM11 version, Gem for CM12 complements Google’s Material Design in Android 5.0 Lollipop instead of replacing it. Apart from a new color scheme, the theme also comes with 500 launcher icons, a new font, bootanimations, system sounds and more. The theme is available in three versions: Flat, Emerald and Ruby. Download: Gem Flat | Gem Emerald | Gem Ruby

Euphoria Dark

If you are not a fond of the ‘light’ theme of Material Design, you will love Euphoria Dark. The theme replaces the pre-dominantly white background of Material Design with black and darkens other part of the UI as well. The developer has also made sure that readability is not affected in apps due to the black background in apps. Download: Euphoria Dark In case Euphoria Dark does not suit your taste, you can try out Vault as well to satiate your thirst for a dark Material Design theme.


This theme uses a combination of bold colors and black system UI theme that further enhances Google’s Material Design. In addition to theming the system apps, the theme also modifies the look of some third-party apps like WhatsApp and more. Like all other themes in this post, Flats comes with its own wallpapers, font, sound pack, boot animations and more. Download: Flats


Voltare is another dark theme, but this time around the developer has teamed up the black background with bold colors that makes the whole UI standout. Apart from theming the system UI and system apps, it also themes other apps from Google like Keep, Keyboard, Play Store, Google Translate and more. Compared to other themes in this list, Voltare is pretty barebones and does not come with its own sound pack, font or boot animations. But once you consider that the theme is completely free to download and use, there really is not much left to complain about. Download: Voltare

Honorable mentions

There are a lot of other quality themes, which I have not mentioned in the list above. You can check them out below:

Flux PopUI Forto Milos Zyxx UI Rust

Which is your favorite CM12 theme from the ones mentioned in the list above? Drop in a comment and let us know!