It’s all due to business-oriented remote work systems like Zoom. And thanks to how simple these products are to use, the way we conduct business may never be the same again. Tap or click here to see how the most popular work-from-home software stacks up. To cash in on the remote work phenomenon, companies are releasing new products that take advantage of this strange new ecosystem. Some are cool, some are useful and some are just downright weird. Would you actually use any of these odd work-from-home products in your house?

Meet the Zoom for Home

Zoom doesn’t just make video-conferencing software anymore. Now, the company is stepping in a bold new direction with the launch of Zoom for Home, a dedicated screen with built-in HD microphones and cameras that creates the ultimate conferencing experience. Even though a dedicated home-office setup will work just fine for Zoom calls, this product is apparently designed for power users. It features a touch-sensitive 27-inch screen and retails for nearly $600. The product can be ordered here and is expected to ship in the U.S. in August.

Sidekick makes you feel like you’re right back in the office again

For better or worse, working from home provides a bit more privacy than traditional office work ever did. But if you really miss having coworkers to banter with or a supervisor to look over your shoulder, the Sidekick is perfect for you. Designed as a subscription-based gadget that you pay $25-per-user-per-month for, Sidekick acts like an always-on camera and microphone that connects coworkers at all times. Now, you don’t need to dial in to ask your coworker a question. They’ll already be right there in the call all day long.

Having trouble sleeping after working from home? These glasses might help

Scientists believe that blue light, such as the kind that emanates from your computer or phone, is responsible for causing sleep issues in people who spend too much time in front of screens. This is because it blocks the production of melatonin, a chemical in your body that’s responsible for your natural sleep rhythm. But instead of suffering through bouts of insomnia, you can order these inexpensive glasses from TIJN that block blue light while you work. A good night’s sleep is now only as out-of-reach as your glasses are.

Need to put down the phone? This gadget can ‘lend you a hand,’ or two

If you want to keep your video chats to a dedicated screen, you don’t even need the Sidekick device above (unless you don’t want the call to end). Instead, you can use your phone or tablet as a dedicated screen. But there’s only one catch: How do you prop your device up so your coworkers can see you? That’s where this colorful stand from YuCool comes in. Designed like a pair of hands, the stretchy-yet-firm device stand can actually grip your phone or tablet, and it features a positive pair of thumbs pointed up to encourage you throughout the day.

Keep yourself cool while working from home

Of course, since it’s still summer, you’re probably spending way more on your electric bill keeping the house cool while you work from home. And with your desk crowded up with your computer, pens, papers, Zoom for Home and Sidekick, there probably isn’t much room for a fan. That’s why this handy neck fan from Yaltoon is the perfect accessory. It sits around your neck and blows a cool, quiet breeze directly at your head, which can help reduce your overall body temperature. It’s also rechargeable, so you only have to pay for your cool air once. Whether it’s less ridiculous looking than the Zoom for Home or Sidekick is up for debate. By clicking our links, you’re supporting our research, as we may earn a very small commission. Recommendations are not part of any business incentives.