5. XMultiWindow

This module brings the much-hyped and famed multi-window feature from OmniROM to your device. It also adds a sidebar, as seen in Samsung’s Galaxy devices, to quickly add apps in multi-window mode. The module does not work properly with certain apps but the developer is working on fixing the issue. The module is still in nascent stages of development but shows the true power of Xposed framework.

Download: XMulltiWindow

4. Google Search/Now API

By default, Google Now’s Voice Actions only work with a list of commands and their variations and lack any kind of API for third-party apps to plugin to. This module adds an unofficial API to Google Now, allowing users to perform any pre-specified task by using any custom voice command. You can configure tasks for a particular voice command using Tasker and AutoVoice. Strictly for advanced users and my personal favorite! Download: Google Search/Now API

3. ExThemer & ExThemer 2

These two modules will quench your thirst to change the look of nearly every aspect of your device. ExThemer allows you to change the system theme — right from the status bar, icons, notification panel to the progress bar — while the latter allows you to change the theme of installed apps.

ExThemer & ExThemer 2

2. Xposed GEL Settings

The new Google Experience Launcher (GEL), introduced exclusively by Google for the Nexus 5, in KitKat lacks any kind of customization settings. This module adds a bunch of settings to GEL including the ability to hide apps from the drawer, change the icon size, and homescreen and app drawer grid size among others. The developer is also working on adding support for Icon packs, which should make the combination of this module and GEL a viable alternative to Nova or Apex launcher.

Download: Xposed GEL Settings

1. GravityBox

Its the must have Xposed module if you are running an AOSP ROM or using a Nexus device. It brings nearly all the features that are generally seen in custom ROMs without the hassle of installing one. This includes the ability to customize the navigation bar, quick tiles, PIE controls and  more. Below is a list of all the major features that GravityBox offers:

Add shortcuts to lock screen Customize and add more tiles to QuickSettings Change the dimensions and icons of the Navigation bar Smart Radio Advanced Power Menu Expanded Desktop PIE Control Notification LED tweaks

Download: GravityBox Which is your favorite Xposed module? Did we miss any other must-have one? Drop in a comment and let us know!