You could start deleting your files or uploading them to a cloud service, but this option has some drawbacks, the biggest one being that your files are not easily accessible. One other solution would be to find a File Cleaner app that allows you to delete useless files that you do not need and free up some space.

Lots of unnecessary space eaten up

Many files could affect how much memory you lose from your phone. In some cases, this could add up to 1-2 GB, and this would be a significant amount if you have a total of 8GB, for example. The main reason why this occurs is like with computers, the Android OS keeps temporary files for faster access, and it does not delete them. These can be internet pages, cached images, and other data that your browser stores. Also, apps retain information, and if you have a high number of apps installed, these files will pile up and occupy a lot of space. Also, regarding apps, when you update an app, it will leave some residual files on your device and sometimes even APK files. Also, if you install apps from downloaded APKs, you will have to manually delete the APK file because the Android OS will not delete it after the installation is complete. Backups are again a source of unwanted files that occupy your device’s memory. Although regular backups are necessary, you must not keep them on your device; after the backup is complete, move it to a local disk on your computer and keep it there. Also, for those who like to flash custom ROMs and the possibility to damage your OS is always there, when making a nandroid backup, delete/move the old one to another location. Last but not least, in many cases, the most significant memory hog is the gallery. The Android gallery pre-loads thumbnails, which occupy a lot of space, especially if you have many pictures on your device. If you don’t usually browse your gallery, it’s better to delete these files. In my case, with around 200 photos, the thumbnails alone were more than 1.5GB.

6 File cleaner apps for Android

As a Nexus user, I have faced this problem since day one, and because Google is aggressively trying to impose their cloud solution onto all Nexus devices, many users worldwide have this problem. Luckily for them, the Play Store offers us some great apps that can help users deal with their devices’ unnecessary files.

6. Root Cleaner

The only paid app in our top, Root Cleaner is a new addition to the Play Store, and from what users have to say about it, it fairs pretty well with the task of freeing your device’s memory. Also, the app is straightforward to use, having a very intuitive interface, but at the same time, it could benefit from some other features that the free apps have. It offers a host of interesting features that will allow you to do all sorts of maintenance on your Android device without the need for other apps. This is something that more developers should embrace: giving the apps more of a general-purpose array of features, not just specific features to do one single task.

5. 1Tap Cleaner

Cleaning your Android phone’s internal memory has never been simpler. 1Tap Cleaner offers exactly what it advertises: the ability to clean pretty much everything on your phone that occupies memory with 1 tap. This tool does not require root to work, so it will be a great addition to the app drawers of users who have memory management issues with their Android devices. 1Tap Cleaner is packed full of excellent features like auto clean, device memory notification, or details on slow applications. But, of course, these are just a few of its features, and the list goes on with other wonderful tools that you can use to free memory from your device.

4. App Cache Cleaner

Some of the best cleaner apps for Android devices require you to root your phone, but for those of you who don’t want this, you can always use App Cache Cleaner, an app that does pretty much anything that a rooted app can, but without the need for root permissions. In addition, this will allow you to free up memory on your device and still get OTA updates! Also, unlike most other apps, this one has a most needed feature: auto clean and auto-kill apps that make residual files. This system allows the app to regularly clean your device without you having to do it manually. Also, you can uninstall, share or view specific details of different apps by long-pressing them.

3. Root App Delete (uninstaller)

If you are like me and install a large number of apps, but after a while, you don’t use them anymore, then you might find this app very useful. Designed to be used by root users, it allows you to completely uninstall any app on your phone, including system apps that you do not use. This can significantly improve the memory space available on your phone. Another great feature of this app is the ability to freeze certain apps from your phone, ensuring that they won’t update or create other files that could occupy the memory of your Android device. This is especially good for system apps that you don’t use and cannot uninstall either, and by freezing them, they will not work anymore.

2. Easy Cache Cleaner

This app is fast, easy to use, and full of features; it is perfect for users who want to make some space on their device’s internal memory. Easy Cache Cleaner will make short work of pretty much any unwanted files with great ease. In addition, you can see what apps have the most unwanted files stored, and you can filter and clean them at your own will. Also, the app has a reminder that can notify you when it’s time to clean your device. You can set up this feature to send you a notification once a day, once every 12 hours, once every 2 or 3 days, and even once a week. The app’s intuitive interface is perfect for those who don’t have time to browse entire lists of apps and files, showing you only what interests you the most and allowing you to clean your phone quickly.

1. Clean Master (Cleaner)

I’ve been using Clean Master for a long time and I can attest to its great performance. It allows you to delete history files, temp APKs, image thumbnails, and any other residual files. Also, the app has a great task manager integrated, so you can also close tasks. If you like to close running services, then Clean Master allows you to add a widget to your desktop that will kill running tasks with one tap. The app’s design is fantastic, having a simple interface with absolutely no clutter. The search works pretty fast, and it allows you to clean your phone in a few seconds. Also, if you are not sure about a particular file, you have the possibility to view its details and see if you can delete it. Remember to use these apps regularly to clean your phone of temp and other files that occupy memory on your phone. This will ensure that you will make the most of the memory that your phone has, and you be able to add more content to your phone.