1. Kami

Kami is a markup extension which allows hassle-free editing of PDFs and other documents. The extension even comes with a range of annotation tools such as text formatting, comments, voice plugins, signatures, shapes, freehand drawing and a whole lot more. The app works just as advertised and isn’t unnecessarily cumbersome like its fellow counterparts. However, Kami isn’t entirely free, there’s a 14-day trial period and past that, you’ll have to shed $10 per month or you can check out some educational plans too.

Kami Download Link

2. Caret

Caret is the most sophisticated yet straightforward text editor you can get on Google Chrome. It is primarily aimed at developers and is modeled on Sublime Text meaning there are a ton of formatting and editing options available for you to tinker. The app is specifically optimized for Chrome OS and interacts with file system well. The interface is tabular and if you’re even mildly familiar with JSON, you can configure themes, alter design elements and a whole lot more. Caret is completely free and also, open-source.

Caret Download Link

3. Writer

As you might have guessed from the heading, “Writer” is unlike Caret, designed for authors and writers who need an offline distraction-free space for jotting down their thoughts. Marketed as the “internet typewriter”, Writer features everything you expect from a writing tool and comes with an extensive variety of settings for matching your preferences. Additionally, you can export your work as PDF and text files. Writer too, is completely free of cost.

Writer Download Link

4. Polarr Photo Editor

Polarr is a free photo editor for Google Chrome that comes with most of the fundamental tunings you would require. These include color adjustments, light, effects, masking, cropping, aspect ratios, and a whole lot more. Furthermore, there are step-by-step tutorials which you follow to learn some elementary photo editing and the best part is, all this is packed in a light 5MB package.

Polarr Photo Editor Download Link

5. Nimbus

Nimbus is a screen capturing and recording tool for Google Chrome. The extension features a comprehensive feature set ranging from tracking a portion of your screen to recording sections of the entire Chrome OS and it’s completely free. Additionally, once you’re done with taking videos or even just screenshots, Nimbus has a lot of editing options you can employ as per your needs. Unlike its competitors, Nimbus is capable of extracting decent frame rates and hence, the resultant videos don’t look choppy.

Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast Download Link

6. Super Simple Tasks

If you just want a simple and clean interface for documenting your daily tasks, “Super Simple Tasks” is the best one available out there. Sure, there’s Google Keep but it hasn’t been designed primarily as a to-do manager. Super Simple Tasks is a straightforward application that works offline and can even sync with your Android phone when there’s a connection. It is free, customizable, and ad-free.

Super Simple Tasks Download Link Those were the top six Google Chrome extensions that also work without an internet connection. Do comment down below if we missed any good ones.