1. Lenovo’s New Kind of Tablet, the Yoga Book

The tablet market is approaching a saturation point and while some OEMs have tried to break the barrier by innovating the dying category, it has been mostly futile until now. Lenovo, although, has taken an entirely different path and has rethought what a tablet can be with its new Yoga Book. The Yoga Book has essentially two core components – the 10.1-inch 1920×1200 touch-screen and a touch-sensitive surface termed formally as the “Create Pad”. The latter can function as a keyboard at one time and take input from a stylus at another.

Additionally, you fill up the included stylus with an ink cartridge and just take notes on any paper which the Yoga Book will intercept wirelessly in real time. Pretty Cool. The “watchband” hinge is completely rotatable and the tablet overall looks like a brilliant piece of innovation the market was in desperate need of. To learn about the specifications and pricing, you can read our detailed launch story.

2. Asus’ ZenScreen can act as a Secondary Screen for Your Laptop

If you ever felt like your laptop screen was not wide enough to get things done on the go, cheer up as Asus has the just the right product for you – the new ZenScreen. As the name suggests, ZenScreen is a 15.6-inch portable monitor that you can connect to a laptop via a Type-C cable and display content. The Full HD display itself is edge-to-edge with 6.5mm bezels and merely 8mm in thickness. Asus has, additionally, bundled a foldable case so that you can place the monitor horizontally as well as vertically. You must definitely know what are you going to use it for as ZenScreen will be retailing at a whopping $300.

3. Acer’s Swift 7 is Thinner than a Centimeter

Acer’s existence in the laptop market has drastically declined in the recent years, however, the company is back with a series of beautiful and powerful laptops we’ve seen to date. One of these releases included the new Swift 7 which has been crowned as the thinnest notebook on the planet measuring only 9.98mm in thickness, just a hair less than a centimeter. Furthermore, it features Intel’s new 7th Generation i5 processor, 13.3-inch Full HD IPS, two USB Type-C ports, 8GB of RAM, a gorgeous gold and black color scheme and more.

4. HP’s new Pavilion Wave Proves CPUs can Look Good too

Your computer’s Central Processing Unit is all about power and performance, they’re never imagined as a furniture despite the enormous aesthetic. Fortunately, HP is redefining how good those cuboid shaped machines look and its new Pavilion Wave is just the right presentation of that. The Pavilion Wave is fundamentally a curved and tall triangular prism coated with a woven black and white fabric that HP thinks, will blend in with your rest of the furniture. There’s a massive central speaker and it sports an array of essential ports down the back. As far as raw numbers are concerned, it is powered by an Intel Skylake i3/i5 processor, a 1TB hard drive or a 128GB SSD, 8/16GB of RAM, AMD’s R9 M470 GPU or you can the variant with integrated graphics and there a couple of mics to complement Cortana’s always listening capabilities. It definitely looks alluring from all corners and will cost only $529.99 in the US.

5. Sony’s new Xperia Ear Brings a Voice Assistance to Your Ears

Along with a bunch of new smartphones, Sony also announced a Bluetooth accessory called “Xperia Ear” that lets a virtual assistant dictate messages, notifications, directions and more directly to your ear. You can verbally issue commands and Sony promises a day of battery life on regular usage. It will available sometime in November, pricing details are currently not disclosed.

6. DJI Osmo Mobile For Better Smartphone Videography

Everyone now clicks photographs and records videos with their smartphone, gone are the days when people used to carry around a point and shoot camera. While most phones out there can get you acceptable shots even for moving objects, videography still hasn’t reached that point of contentment. However, DJI, the Chinese drone company has a panacea for this particular issue and it’s called the “Osmo Mobile”, a handheld video stabilizer on which you can attach your smartphone and record smooth videos effortlessly. One can misinterpret this as a selfie stick, although with DJI’s sophisticated software and the Osmo’s stabilizing 3-axis gimbal, it is definitely much more than a tool for your capturing your pouts. The Osmo mobile can switch between three positions including vertical, landscape and an underslung mode that’s perfect for getting low-level shots. This is though not for everyone as it costs €339/$299 and is primarily aimed at professionals. So those were of some of the most interesting announcements so far at this year’s IFA, however, the event is yet to reach a conclusion, so stay tuned for more updates and features like this.