Apple has made a reputation of providing users with great and stable apps and these have been tested by thousands of users, and their reviews stand testimony to the quality of the apps. I know iPhone GPS games can be really fun, and it’s only fair to let iPhone users see just how much fun they can have on their smartphones.

6. Dokobots

Dokobots are tiny robots that explore your augmented map, finding exciting items, or exploring new regions at your choice. This iPhone GPS game allows you customize your robots, give them names and duties so they can explore the world. Since thy have arrived, the Dokobots have been gathering strength. In order to activate a Dokobot, you need to participate in a scavenger hunt. The more you participate in, the more Dokobots you can activate. Dokobots have now explored more than 90 countries, and number in the thousands. Go out and get your own Dokobot and start exploring!

5. Zombie Escape

One of the more simpler iPhone GPS games, probably the most straight forward and exhausting game yet. The game consists of the map of your current location, determined via GPS. On the map, you are depicted as a blue point, and you have to run (really run, physically) from red points, which are zombies out to eat your brain. The faster you run, the more time you stay alive. When they catch you (and they will eventually catch you), you will have to input your initials and submit your score. Basically, that’s Zombie Escape. So if you are bored jogging or getting bored of your mp3’s, kick in this game and make a run for it!

4. GPS Mission Pro – Ghost Patrol

Start playing games on your real life map, with GPS Mission pro. This app gives you access to a host of games that you can enjoy on your iPhone. Get Ghost patrol and start your career as a “Ghost Buster”, travel your neighbourhood in search of ghosts and other games to play, earn souls and trade them for equipment, guns and other tools for your ghost hunt. GPS Mission Pro offers its players the possibility to use player developed games, and develop their own iPhone GPS games and invite others to play.

3. Parallel Kingdom – Age Of Thrones

“LEAD, CONQUER, CLAIM” – A middle-age world right besides our world. That is what Parallel Kingdom offers its players. An exciting MMORPG game who’s map is your iPhone’s GPS map. Battle mystical creatures , earn bounty, trade with over one million players worldwide and many more. The game features fully customizable avatars, weapons and weekly rewards on its over 20 leader boards. In-game trading lets you buy and sell just about anything and get upgrades for your equipment, and themed events and chat rooms offer you the possibility to make friends both in-game and in real life. The game offers you the chance to bring peace to your kingdom, or to bring forth a age of darkness and war, the choice is up to you!

2. Turf Wars

I guess everyone has watched Mario Puzo’s Godfather, and if you did, there is no way you didn’t imagine yourself at least once as being Don Vito Corleone, the Capo of the Mafia. That dream can still come true, OK, maybe not in the real world, but in the real world map on your iPhone, it can. That is what Turf Wars is, a Mafia game where you play on your city’s map, with others in your neighbourhood and compete for the top place, the Capo. You will have to develop “street smarts”, escape the police, get and upgrade equipment, make yourself known to the others. How you do that, is entirely up to you, if you ask me, I’d suggest making them “An offer they can’t refuse”.

1. Own This World

The name pretty much says everything there is to know about this iPhone GPS game. Own This World is an interactive iPhone GPS game that takes place in the real world. The world is divided in territories that you must conquer. When playing the game, you will notice that the map is the city where you are, and other player’s territories are marked on the map. As you move in the real world, you will also move in the game. You have lots of attack options available, manpower, nuke attack and many more. The purpose of the game is to conquer the entire world, so prepare your guns and get ready to jump into the fight for King of The Wold. But remember, the more territories you control, the more resources and manpower you will have at your disposal. And here you are, out top picks for iPhone GPS games, now you are all set to get out there and have some fun in the real world using your much loved iDevices! Happy Hunting, be it gifts, zombies or dragons!