Although this solution is not one for portability, it does offer you the possibility to kick back and listen to or watch your favorite podcasts. Of course, if you own a docking station for your device, then you could stream the media from it, but most smartphones have problems with managing the memory that they have, so this solution will allow you to overcome them.

Podcasts apps for Windows, Mac and Linux

6. iPodderX

iPodderX is a very well designed cross-platform program that users can implement to manage their podcasts. It provides them with a simple, but very well designed interface, similar to the iTunes UI, where they can add or manage their feeds and download their favorite podcasts. This app is still a work in progress, and its developers are hard at work at trying to bring it to the next level, where more features will be added, making it an even better app. As for now, it still has all the ingredients needed for a program to be absolutely great at what it does. Available for: Windows, Mac

5. Juice

Juice offers an invaluable service for podcast lovers, in the sense that it provides top notch services in a simple, intuitive and easy to use application, available for free. Although its looks might make you think that it can’t be too good, put aside your first impressions and try the app out. You will notice that it will more than make up for its looks by its performance. Juice has a simple, directory based user interface that is easy to navigate and it allows podcasters to quickly download their favorite shows, as well as create schedules for downloading when they are not around to it themselves. Also, Juice supports many players, and this gives users the freedom to play their podcasts with the player that they feel most comfortable with. Available for: Windows, Mac, Linux

4. gPodder

I’m sure you can agree with me when I say “simple is always better”. And for users that want a simple tool for downloading or viewing podcasts, gPodder is the tool they need. It provides the most basic of support for managing podcasts, but its simplicity also makes it very fast and user friendly. Its low resource footprint and cross platform compatibility has earned this app its place in our countdown. Yet again we are shown that in order for a program to excel at what it does, it does not need fancy features or a user interface that looks like it came from a spaceship. Available for: Windows, Mac, Linux

3. Miro

What started as a unremarkable Windows only music player has now gone far beyond and became one of the best apps that users could use to manage their entire media collection. Its features are similar to what iTunes offer, but they are not restricted to Apple products, making it a perfect Android Sync solution, media sharing service and podcast manager. Miro is now available for all major platforms, and thanks to its great tools and features, it can be regarded as a must have app for anyone who likes to manage their media collection with one app and across multiple platforms. Available for: Windows, Mac, Linux

2. Winamp

As far as music players are concerned, there are few that come near to Winamp. In the last years it has undergone a major facelift, but in this upgrade goes beyond a new and shiny coat of paint and extends to its top of the line features. As a podcast app, Winamp is a perfect tool for those who don’t want to install a dedicated app for seeing their podcast, allowing them to use the music and video player as a podcast manager where they can add as many feeds as they please. The design of Winamp is gorgeous and its features plentiful – everything you could ask for. Available for: Windows, Mac

1. iTunes

iTunes is without a doubt the best known software that allows users to manage their podcasts easily. It is being used by thousands of people around the world and its services are beyond reproach. Also, iTunes can double as a awesome music player and for those who have Apple devices, it is the default interface for syncing media and apps. iTunes is available on all three of the platforms in question, making it widely accessible for everyone. Its build quality and interface are stunning, and these are the main reasons that we thought of it as the best podcast app for your computer. Available for: Windows, Mac, Linux From now on, you will be able to keep tabs on your favorite podcasts with ease and will be free of needing to download them to your smartphone or tablet, and enjoy them on a computer, regardless of its platform. These cross-platform podcast apps are perfect for every podcast listener. Also, if you use other software to download or view your podcast, please let us know by leaving a comment.