Today, a lot of us use Netflix on various devices including televisions, smartphones, tablets, and laptops. In this segment, let’s take a closer look at some of the best Netflix tools that will help you enhance the streaming experience.

Super Netflix

Let’s meet my all time favorite! I personally love Super Netflix since it offers me the exact set of options or features that I need. All of this is packed in a light Chrome extension, and the installation is super easy. Super Netflix works on both Windows and Mac. The extension will help you choose the preferred bitrate for streaming. As of now Netflix only offers a preset of bitrates while with the Super Netflix extension you can add custom values. Cheers to customization!

Other laudable Super Netflix features include the ability to skip the intros and also control the video speed automatically. The video speed control comes in handy when you are watching a slow movie, or you want to slow down a movie and learn the language by referring to the subtitles. Furthermore, the extension also allows you to add custom subtitles (we will explain how to do this later) and offers advanced brightness, saturation and contrast settings. And finally, the extension also blocks out those nosy spoilers. Download it here

Netflix Enhancer

Netflix Enhancer offers some really useful features you’ll love. The Chrome web extension is aimed at helping users elevate their Netflix viewing experience. The Extension will show you the trailer for the title and will also let users check out the IMDB rating and reviews without leaving the comfort of their Netflix menu. This is one of the best ways to learn about the show you are going to watch without having to search for multiple services. Also worth noting is that this service offers a feature that randomly picks up titles for you to watch. The “My List” feature on the Netflix app has let me down sometimes. It often fails to save the playlist. Netflix Enhancer adds its own Watch Later feature and lets you set aside content for viewing in the future. Download it here


The last time we covered Smartflix, we explained how you could bypass the geographic restrictions and watch locked content. The Smartflix rating system is also pretty spot on and sources the same from IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. Netflix has a slick working app for the Windows PC. However, the Mac users are left in the lurch. I tried a couple of workarounds to substitute Netflix app on Mac only to realize that the Smartflix can be used as an alternative. That being said, the VPN option on the Smartflix works sporadically, and even the app hangs up on me every now and then. But when it works, it works great! Alternatively, you can try one of these top Netflix VPN services. Download it here


Have you ever wondered what to do if your favorite Netflix show doesn’t come with the subtitle of your choice? Fret not; there is a way out. Remember how most of us search for subtitle files and load the same on VLC while playing movies/shows locally? In the same way, we can load custom subtitle files and use Netflix.

Firstly download the subtitle file in the “.srt” format (I prefer using Yifysubtitles). Convert the subtitle into “.DFXP” file and load it via using “Smartflix”

Use it here

Netflix Roulette

This extension is mostly like the Russian roulette with the only exception being you live to watch a movie instead of ending up dead. If you are unable to decide which movie or tv show to watch the Netflix Roulette is the best bet. The tool will randomly suggest a movie flick or a tv show and relieves you of the trouble of deciding. Use it here

Reddit /r/NetflixBestOf

Heck yeah! Reddit once again figures out when it comes to helping people on the internet. The Reddit subthread called “/r/NetflixBestOf” lets you find the next title to watch. The voting system does its job and will usually upvote the best choice while downvoting the titles that failed to impress. I personally use this subreddit as a tool for Netflix content discovery and then decide on what to watch. Nevertheless, if you are stuck in a catch 22 position on a weekend, perhaps this Reddit is the best bet. Bonus Tip: While Netflix allows you to search for content by category, which serves the purpose in general, the same is not that effective in other scenarios when you want to get more specific results. However, it seems that the service has sets of assigned codes for different genres and sub-genres, not known to many. So if you wish to find out specific results for shows or movies, head over to What’s On Netflix’s categories page, here, and enter your query in the search box. Once it returns results for your query, copy the Category ID associated with the Category Name and append it to the following URL:[enter Category ID].You should now see a more specific result for your catered result for your query.