Top 7 Android Apps to Back-up Your Data

Of course, Android being the best phone platform (in my humble opinion), offers a host of apps and services to backup your personal files. Not all of them are good though, but fear not, if you want to make a backup, there are great options to chose from.

7. ROM Manager

ROM Manager is a well known name for those who use custom Mods and flash lots of ROMs. And they know what this app can do, and the fact that it can make a great backup for your Android device. Apart from the fact that it can search for custom ROMs and many more, the backup process is very good, it makes your backup fairly good and it also restores it quite quick. I do recommend to buy the premium app, it has much more features for developers and those who flash frequently.

6. Antivirus & Security

Ok, maybe the name does not suggest an Android backup app, but think of the advantages: you get a great phone antivirus, app scanner and a backup app that can keep your contacts and other personal information on the apps “TrustedCloud”. I used this app for the past 2 months and I couldn’t be happier with the app. I recommend it anyone who wants a complete security app + a good backup service.

5. Contacts Backup Pro

With this $1 app you can a great deal of work. Copy your contacts to and from your SIM card, backup to csv, export Google and outlook csv style and much more. A complete Android backup solution for your entire list of contacts to keep them safe and use them between phones or restore them after a complete wipe. The app is incredibly simple to use and also fast. It copies your contacts in a matter of seconds.

4. SMS Backup & Restore

Just like App Backup & Restore, this app offers great support if you want to backup your SMS collection for purposes of flashing or factory reset. Also, the app allows you to clear your SMS history after backing up. Its simple interface makes it very easy to use and with only a few touches you are all done. The process of restoring your SMS collection is also just as simple. A very handy tool for any Android ROM enthusiast or developer.

3. App Backup & Restore

Batch backup your Android app collection and store them on your SD card with no hustle and in just a few moments. This simple to use app can help you store your apps on the safety of the SD card and restore them after you flashed a new rom or any other reason. Although App Backup & Restore can only backup apps and not personal information, it still is a great Android backup app worth taking the time to use.

2. MyBackup Pro

One of the best tools for making a complete backup of your Android device. Its main feature is its simple and intuitive user interface. With only a few touches you are done with your backup and can save it on your SD card or online. The app can cover all the information you need to backup, from user data, game data, apps and many more. Anything you need for a fresh Android SDK but with no loss of information. One of my favorite Android Backup apps and it’s well worth the $4 it costs. The peace of mind it gives you is priceless.

1. Titanium Backup

I cannot even begin to describe how awesome this app is! Titanium backup is without a doubt the most powerful tool you can get for backup. Although it requires a rooted Android phone, the features it has are great. To name just a few:

Dropbox sync (manual or scheduled) Dalvik cache cleaner Send backup by e-mail Protect backup against deletion

And these are just a few. For the PRO version, you can get even more great features. I highly recommend this tool to anyone who wants a good, thorough backup of their data. If there was ever an app on Google Play worth buying, that is Titanium Backup. After doing these backups, remember to keep the update on your computer when reflashing, because of the different wipes you have to do on your phone (cache, dalvik and data). We’ve also got a cool list for antivirus solutions for your Android device, if that’s what’s you’re looking for. Keep in mind that you must have a rooted Android phone for these apps to work.