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The default file manager on Windows systems is File Explorer. You can try one of the different file managers for Windows computers to try something new or use additional features. You can opt to use these File Managers with File Explorer, and downloading them is really simple. The seven best Windows file managers and a description of their functions are discussed in this article.

However, Windows has put less work into the software because it has limited features, no new functions have been added, and it is too basic for organizing files.

Besides, there are numerous alternatives to File Explorer that offer many fascinating features such as language translation, batch renaming, and easy organization of files. For these reasons, using a third-party file manager for Windows is best. This article will present the seven best File Managers for Windows 11/10 to choose from. These file managers are very secure, user-friendly, and have a wealth of features.

What are the best File Managers for Windows?

Looking for the best alternatives to Windows File Explorer? Here are the seven options you could try out:

1. Total Commander

Total Commander, formerly known as Windows Commander, is one of the best and most used file managers for Windows, apart from the built-in File Explorer. The program uses a classic design but is very customizable. Total Commander opens up to two side-by-side file windows for easy access and file sharing. This file explorer alternative supports the use of multiple languages and has a quick view window that displays image previews and video thumbnails. Also, you can compare files and use plugins for additional features, which makes it very suitable for advanced file manager use. Other things you can expect from this file manager include batch renaming support, a duplicate file finder to save disk space, a built-in FTP client, and more. Moreover, this program is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit computers. However, it is both free and paid, depending on how many features you want to use.

Key Features:

Multiple language usage Support plugins Batch renaming and quick view panel

Download Total Commander

2. Shrestha Files Pro X

If you are a fan of great aesthetics, this Windows File Explorer alternative is for you. Shrestha Files Pro X is a very tidy file manager with multiple theme colors, both built-in and self-created. Besides, it has a two-window structure that can be either vertical or horizontal, making it much easier to access folders. An intriguing feature of this program is that you can open folders in a tab layout, just like in a browser, but with six different view formats. The quality makes it easy to compare files. There are also different icon packages for drives, folders, and libraries. This shows how customizable Shrestha Files Pro X is among the best file managers for Windows. Shrestha Files Pro X has built-in zip and unzip functionality and supports drag and drop. Moreover, it is very stable and fast to use. The program automatically saves and restores the open tab, just like browsers. Apart from the features already mentioned, the file manager also has all the other file explorer features. However, some of its advanced features can only be accessed by upgrading to a premium package.

Key Features:

Well designed look It comes with icon packs Has browser-like tab layout

Download Shrestha File Pro X

3. Directory Opus

This file manager is a premium app that completely replaces Windows File Explorer. It is also one of the oldest replacement programs for File Explorer. Directory Opus has a modern design and offers both single and double-file display options. It is an excellent file manager since it is integrated with a view pane for previews, just like Total Commander. Directory Opus lets you view and edit the metadata of files. Besides, you can mark files, customize the status bar and do many other things with the program. This software has scripting capabilities, a built-in duplicate file finder, and FTP support. It allows easy customization of keyboard shortcuts and can be opened with Windows + E, just like File Explorer. Also, Directory Opus lets you use both image uploaders and converters on your computer. As for compatibility, it works well with Windows 11 and 10, and the application has both free and premium packages. However, the premium package is quite expensive (it starts at AUD 49 and goes all the way up to AUD 249), so it is best to use the free version.

Key Features:

Very customizable It has both single and dual pane layout It comes with an image converter

Download Directory Opus

4. XYplorer

XYplorer is a tabbed file manager and one of the best you can use on a Windows PC. The program has very deep and comprehensive functionalities. It has a highly customizable interface with many functions in the menu bar. Copying files is much easier thanks to the optional double window. Moreover, this software has a directory panel for accessing file folders and is optimized with powerful file backup features. XYplorer is a very lightweight software and will not cause memory problems on your computer. You can also automate repetitive tasks with this program to increase ease of use. XYplorer has an excellent file search option with high speed. Other features of the program include Zip support, saving and automatically restoring open folders, and support for tags and comments on individual file names. Just like some of the previously mentioned file managers, this one also supports a one-click preview of images, videos, documents, and audio. Besides, they are always working on adding new features.

Key Features:

Save, and auto restore folders Tag and comment

Download XYplorer

5. Free Commander

Another file manager you can use for Windows is Free Commander. Free Commander is an easy-to-use software to access, organize and explore files on your computer. The program has a simple and attractive user interface. Like most file explorer alternatives, this application features dual-panel technology and offers both vertical and horizontal options. However, you can also use only a single window in this application. The features of Free Commander software include the ability to compress files, filter files for viewing, use a built-in file viewer, and much more. Also, you will find several shortcuts in this program that do not exist in other file explorer alternatives. The application is very portable, which means that it can be used without installation. Just make sure that you have the file copy on your computer.

Key Features:

Very easy to use Dual panel technology Portable app

Download Free Commander

6. Xplorer²

Xplorer² is one of a kind when choosing the best file manager for Windows PC. It is a well-designed Windows app that allows you to be more productive with the files on your computer thanks to a wide range of functions. This software has two windows, a folder tab, and Miller columns for multitasking, and it lets you preview documents, images, music, and other file types. It has a fast desktop search that synchronizes folder contents with all the file attributes and functions. You can also use the built-in duplicate file search feature to free up more space on your computer. You can also use color codes to categorize files on your computer. Another feature worth mentioning is stick selection, which allows selected files to stay in contact when you click on other parts of your screen. However, all these functions come at a price.

Key Features:

Duplicate file searcher Color code to categorize folders

Download Xplorer²

7. Q-Dir

Here is another file manager for Windows with comprehensive and complete features to suit your needs. This software can better control drives, folders, and computer storage. The Q in the name Q-Dir stands for Quad, which means that the program can display up to four windows simultaneously in the file manager window. This makes file management much more convenient. In addition, Q-Dir has a directory structure with visible tree branches. The application also includes most of the features of the Windows file manager mentioned earlier. You can use it both as an installed and portable application, depending on what suits you. Moreover, the program is lightweight and can be run on any Windows computer without any problems. You can move files by dragging and dropping them in Q View. Another advantage of the Q-Dir app is that it is free.

Key Features:

Use up to four panes Lightweight app Free

Download Q-Dir

Honorable Mention: Files App

Files App is another great file manager for Windows that is suitable for minimalists. The design of the application is so simple and cool with various features like file preview, dual-pane layout, tabs, tags for labeling files, custom themes, and much more. Files App is also free of charge as it is an open-source program. Although the program seems to crash on certain Windows computers, you can still try it out to see if it works properly on your computer. Download Files App

Final Thoughts

The seven best file managers for Windows computers have been covered in this article with details on what you should expect from each of the programs. You just have to choose the one you prefer the most to replace or work with Windows File Explorer. Besides, most of the commands these programs use are almost identical to those of File Explorer, making them adaptable. The additional functions are a significant difference.

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