This time, we’re going to talk about iOS and Android apps that you can use to find cheap flight tickets that are essential to planning your travel carefully. You can also have a look at our guide on how you can plan your travels from your Android tablet and you might also try out Wanderio, a bold new start-up that promises to offer you the cheapest and most complete way to travel, end to end. But now, let’s see what are some reliable apps for iPhones, iPads and Android devices that one could use to find cheap airline tickets.

Find cheap flight tickets from Android

Hipmunk (free)

Besides helping you find cheap aiplane tickets from the comfort of your Android smartphone or tablet, Hipmunk will also save up to 60% off hotels with new Tonight Deals option. The app is very fast and it’s a little different than all the other cheap flight apps because it sorts flights by “agony”, not only price. Thus, you will see important factors like flight duration and number of layovers, which we all know how annoying can get.

Cheapo Air (free)

CheapOair Flights and Car is another Android app that you can rely on to find cheap airplane tickets. Inside the app, you can sort results by price, travel time or number of stops and even purchase travel insurance and travel assist. Checking your flight bookings is a breeze with this tool. Also, you can save recent searches to make future bookings much easier. Besides finding cheap flights, the app can also search and book Rental Cars and will even provide you with 24/7. You will get instant discounts on your flights if you choose to share the pp with friends.

OnTheFly (free)

Google owns the ITA Software company that has developed OnTheFly, so this is another reason to rely on it. The app comes with an advanced way to find the lowest airfares for any place that you want to visit in this world. Multi-city itinerary search, intuitive travel date calendar, fine-grained control over all search parameters and full disclosure of exact airfare calculation are the features that make this app stand out from the crowd.

TripAdvisor (free)

TripAdvisor needs no introduction and is probably the most known travel app. While it’s not dedicated for airfare purposes, it does come with an option that lets you scan for the cheapest airflight tickets. Besides help you find the lowest airfare, you can rely on TripAdvisor to help you find the best hotels, great restaurants, and other fun things to do in the new place that you’re about to discover.

Find cheap flight tickets from iPhone, iPad

SkyScanner (free)

One of the best cheap airfare apps to be used on your iPhone or iPad, Skyscanner has more than 20 million customers that are pleased with its performance. Recently refreshed for iOS 7, the app will let you compare millions of flights and 1000 airlines in seconds to find the cheapest and most convenient one. Specific features for the app are the chart view that lets you see prices across a week or a month and the ability to spin the globe to find destinations from your departure location.

Bravofly Flights (free)

One of the best flight search engines, Bravofly Flights app for iPhone and iPad saves you the hassle of comparing flight prices on various other websites. Besides this, you can also find and check the status of your flight so you will be constantly updated. You can books flights for up to 9 people and complete the purchase on the Bravofly website.

momondo (free)

Momondo for iOS is one of the best looking apps for finding cheap flights, with a nice and responsive user interface. The databases of more than 700 travel sites and airlines are available at your fingertips. What’s neat is that you book flights directly from the app, without having to log out. You can also choose to email the flight info to yourself or a friend, or save it in the app.

easyJet (free)

easyJet is the second-largest low-cost carrier in Europe, behind Ryanair, but its app is among the best ones to be used. Inside the app, you can book flights, check-in and download mobile boarding passes, choose seats, manage books, add more options to your flights such as tracking them.