We’ll start off with some of the best Android news apps on the Play store, so you can always benefit from the best news available. Many of these apps allow you to customize your feeds and see only what news interest you the most. Also, some users view their news feeds with podcast apps, which give you other interesting options. If you wish to test some of these apps, check out our top of the best Android podcast apps.

Best 8 Android news apps

Your Android device is a powerful tool that keeps you informed about all that is going on in the world, but in order to do so, you will need some news apps that have the proper features that allow you select your interests and view headlines that are important to you. But enough with the small talk, let’s take a look at the best Android news apps available.

8. Bloomberg

Some might argue that this app should not be on this list because it’s targeted to those who are interested in stock markets. Well, truth be told, the app is designed for those who see only IPOs, and some of us might not understand all of that. But the app is a very reliable resource for many people, and its features do not stop at stocks, it also features news and other useful information. Those who work at stock markets have much to gain by using this app, it features all the information they need, with a very interesting looking UI. The app is very responsive and it provides crucial information for some. So, because it operates in a region where reliable news is crucial, and where you have to know everything fast, Bloomberg is a good news app for Android.

7. Google Currents

Google also offers a news service, for those who are not pleased by the default app (which is actually quite good). It gives you complete power over your news feed by allowing you to add any website you like. Similar to the Google Reader app, Currents has a much nicer interface (although not without its flaws), even worthy of the tough competition here. Because it allows you to add an feed you want, the app is perfect for those who have a few favorite websites and they do not want to see news from other sources. Of course, some might be repelled by this feature, but for those on a strict “news diet”, Google Currents is perfect.

6. News360

If you like the design of the Google+ app, then News360 will be to your liking. It incorporates the clean menu that the social app has, and it transforms it into a news app that is both good looking and quick to access. The UI has many benefits, mostly because it groups all your information in one clean list, so you can access it very easily. Apart from the very responsive UI, the app also allows users to share or save interesting stories, watch live news video streams, local news or customize the news that the app will show. All in all, News360 is a top notch app for those who want to be always informed about the hottest headlines.

5. Flipboard: Your News Magazine

Today’s apps are a far cry of the ones we’ve been using in past. Their design has undergone a major transformation, from simple lines of text to a beautiful tile interface, similar to the one found in the new Windows 8. Also, apps today allow much more customization, and such is the case of Flipboard, an app that gives you complete control over your news feeds and allows you to see the latest stories via a UI that looks great. View, share or save your favorite stories with only a few taps, and via a blazing fast UI. The staggering amount of users who have voted this app as the best stands witness to its functionality and quality build. Tr it for yourselves and let us know what you think of it!

4. Pulse News

If someone asks me to recommend a good news app for their Android device, a few names come instantly in mind, and one of them is Pulse News. This app needs no introduction because it has been featured in almost all countdowns of the best apps to read news on a Android device. Having a wonderful mosaic-like design and very responsive and intuitive UI, Pulse News is an app that deserves our attention. You can select your interests, and the app will get busy and create your personalized news feed, showing only news that you find interesting. Also, you have the option to further customize your news feed by manually adding your favorite websites to the feeds and be sure to add techpp.com to your feed.

3. News Republic

News Republic is the default version of the next two apps in our top. It provides its users with all manner of news, from fashion to lifestyle to politics and everything in between. This app is perfect for users who like to be informed of the latest news and share them with their friends, but who are also interested in how the app looks and operates. If this is the case, then the look of News Republic will be a major factor to consider. I do believe that the developers of this app and of the next apps have come up with the best looking UI I’ve seen in some time. Also, you have the possibility to rate news stories and see other ratings that users have given. The overall build quality is top notch, I have found no errors or issues with the app, and so, I highly recommend it and other apps developed by MobilesRepublic.

2. Appy Gamer

If you like games and you want to be informed of everything that goes on in the gaming industry, then Appy Gamer is the app for you. It offers all the goodies that all apps from MobilesRepublic have, and it has the same gorgeous design as the previous app. You can add as many categories you wish on your app’s home screen, or use the widget to browse through the newest headlines. The overall look, quality and speed of the app make it one of the best Android news apps of all. Also, do not be fooled by the name, the app is concentrated more on gaming, but it also gives other news that are not strictly on gaming, but rather related, so it’s also good for the casual gamer, not only for the hard core!

1. Appy Geek

I’ve been using this app for some time now and admit to being hooked. The design of the app (and of all the other MobilesRepublic apps) is outstanding, with very subtle animations that give the app a professional look and feel. Apart from the beautifully designed UI, the app also operates very quick, with next to no lag and the provided widgets (especially the full size one) look great. You can add or remove categories from your home screen as you wish, but you cannot add your own news feeds. This feature has yet to be implemented, but to be honest, you will not miss it. The latest update of the app allows you to use your account across platforms, so you can have your news feeds the same on multiple devices and on multiple operating systems. Thinking of getting a new smartphone for this Christmas? If you are going for an Android device, these news apps will be the perfect way to start populating your app drawer. And for those who want to do a bit more serious shopping and preparation for a Christmas trip, we’ve put together a top of the finest travel gadgets you can buy, be sure to check it out!