If you have played PUBG Mobile for a while, you will know about the latest ‘Zombie Mode’. The Zombie mode has been added as ‘Survive Till Dawn’ on PUBG Mobile, and in this mode, players need to kill off zombies along with other players. The new Zombie mode in PUBG Mobile effectively combines the battle royale gameplay format with some intense zombie-killing action. The ‘Survive Till Dawn’ is a regular 30-minute match in which there are 60 players. Players must survive three days and two nights to win the zombie mode. The zombies are usually very easy to kill during the day, but at night they become super aggressive. Although you can survive the first night, the second night is tough, and you must set proper plans.

Top Best Tips & Tricks For PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode

So, if you are one who consistently fails to survive the second night in PUBG Mobile Zombie mode, then this article is for you. In this article, we have listed a few best tips to get better in the zombie mode of PUBG Mobile. So, let’s know how to improve the Zombie Mode of PUBG Mobile.

1. Pick the best place to land

In Zombie mode, picking the best place to land becomes the most important thing. Don’t go to places like Pochinki, which is covered with buildings, because the situation might become uncontrollable at night. For us, Rozhok is always the best place to land on Zombie mode because there are lots of space to hide and RUN.

2. Collect Painkillers & Energy Drinks

Since you can get ammo and guns while killing zombies, investing time in looting those things doesn’t make sense. So, while you land, collect as many painkillers and energy drinks as possible. If we talk about guns, have one Assault Rifle and Shotgun. A shotgun is the best when killing Zombies, especially at night.

3. Always Have Extended & Quick Draw Mag

The extended mag is helpful because you will need that ‘Extra’ ammo to survive at night. Usually, players die during the reload, so having an extended mag makes lots of sense. AKM can fire 30 bullets in one round, and with an extended mag, it shoots 40 bullets. So, carry an extended mag to survive the zombie mode.

4. Use The Energy drinks just before the second night

Now that you have collected enough energy drinks and painkillers make sure to use them before the second night. On the second night, the speed of zombies increases, and so does the damage. On the second night, there could be 10-15 zombies rushing towards you, and killing all of them without reloading is not possible unless you have a machine gun. So, make sure to use the energy drinks before the second dawn.

5. Make sure to heal yourself

You will not get enough time to heal on the second night. So, if your health is a little bit low, make sure to heal yourself. Even if your health is full, we recommend you use Painkillers. All you will do at night is the aim and pull your trigger at the zombies until you are dead. So, if you find ample time to heal yourself, use those first aid stuff before it’s too late.

6. Go in an Open Field

Well, many advanced PUBG Players suggest that being in the room is the best option to survive the second night. However, that’s not true at all. On the second night, when the zombies start coming, they go into an open field and use firearms to kill them. You can run in the open field if the zombies become uncontrollable. Since you have used painkillers, you can sprint at an increased speed. So, keep running, running, and running until you survive the night.

7. Don’t Engage with the Tyrant if you have lost your teammates

Everyone wants to kill Tyrant to get the loot. It’s worth remembering that there is a total of 60 players playing the Zombie mode, and everyone alive is likelier to have their eye fixed on the Tyrant. So, engaging with Tyrant with no teammates is one of the silliest things to do in PUBG Mobile. Also, the loot you get after killing Tyrant is almost useless in Zombie Mode.

8. Watch out for Other Players

During the second night, watch out for other players as well. I have played a few matches in which I got killed by other players during the second night. Since everyone is busy killing zombies on the second night, sometimes players take advantage of such a situation to get a ‘Kill’. So, watch out for other players, even if it’s the second night. So, these are some of the best tips to help you get better in Zombie mode. If you have some more suggestions, let us know in the comment box below.