Top 7 Biking Apps for Android

7. B.iCycle – GPS bike

The well known iPhone biking app is moving to Android! B.iCycle – GPS bike gives you very accurate information on your current position, speed, distance travelled and elevation, and also with the integrated map, you can access bike trails around the world and chose the best one for you. Give it a try and see all the other features this awesome biking app for Android has to offer.

6. Cycle Hire Widget

A new way for getting around cluded cities that saves you time and money is bike sharing. Thanks to this system, people all over the world can commute to work in a healthier manner and with less pollution, but the biggest advantage is the fact that you can avoid traffic jams on your way. Cycle Hire Widget is the biking app for Android that gives you the information you need if you are using the bike sharing system. It covers over 35 cities on all continents and with future updates we hope to see information on more cities. You can see where the nearest bike share station is and how many bikes are available.

5. Velox

If you are like me, then simple apps are always better. When you strip out all the useless features or flashy interfaces, you are left with an app that gives you exactly the information you need, accurate and easy to read and store. This the best way I can explain Velox, one of the best biking apps for Android available for cyclist all over the world. The app provides map support using Google Maps, OpenCycleMaps or OpenStreetMaps so you can select the map you are more familiar with.

4. Move! Bike Computer

All the information you need to later review your daily cycle, run or any other related sport can be safely tracked and stored using Move!. With the data gathered by this biking app for Android you can compile graphs or geotag your route and share it with others. Also, the app has an impressive list of features that can help you make the best of your workout. Give it a try and let us know how well it works for you!

3. MapMyRide GPS Cycling Riding

If you are an avid cyclist, then MapMyRide is a familiar name. Now, MapMyRide comes to Android devices everywhere in the world and it helps cyclists keep track of the distance they achieved, speed, calorie loss and so on. The app connects to GPS satellites and gives you detailed information about your routes that you can share with your friends or preview your route on the integrated map.

2. Strava Cycling

The built-in GPS feature that our smartphones have can be put to use while you are on a bike trip using Strava Cycling. The app allows you to view your ride statistics, compare them with the results of your friends or compile the data into graphs that show you your progress on a time period. You can even find great biking tracks around the world and try to beat the best times. A fun biking app for Android that you definitely must try!

1. My Tracks

Surprise! Surprise! A a product developed by Google is on the first place. My Tracks is the equivalent of Google Maps for cyclists and it covers a huge area with very detailed maps of the best biking tracks. Also, you can record your ride and share it over social networks with your friends. The report is very complete, giving you GPS coordinates, distance, elevation, path and it also syncs with third party biometric apps so you can see your BPM or calorie loss. Give it a try and see another one of Google’s best apps.

Top 5 iOS Biking apps

5. iBiker | Indoor and Outdoor Cycling & Heart Rate Monitor Training

What are the most important features for a biking app for iOS? If your answer was accuracy and ease of use, the iBiker is something you can’t ignore. The app is perfectly designed to give you great information without the need of swapping screens or navigating through countless menus. All you need to know is on the main screen and for those who want their friends to know what track you are doing today, know that it integrates with a host of services and socialisation sites.

4. Cycle Watch – GPS Cycling Computer for Outdoor Biking

If you are planning a long bike ride and you need your iOS device to run as much as possible without the battery running dry, then Cycle Watch is the perfect app. It’s one of the most battery efficient apps you can get and with an awesome UI and great features, it definitely deserves your attention when you are looking for a good biking app for iOS devices.

3. B.iCycle – GPS cycling computer for Road & Mountain Biking

Not much to say here that hasn’t been said for the Android version of this app. As you can see, this biking app for iOS is one of the best for both worlds (Android and iOS) with an impressive array of features, accurate information and overall ease of use and stability. A great choice for anyone who is serious about cycling.

2. Cyclemeter GPS Cycling Computer

Cyclemeter is probably one of the best biking apps for iOS you could ever get your hands on. It was pretty hard to chose between the best two apps, the result was almost a draw. It gives a complete set of information about your cycling workout, the possibility to export or import data and voice notifications. All the ingredients needed to make one of the best apps for biking.

1. MapMyRIDE+ GPS Cycling

As you have noticed, this app is also present in both tops. This is a testimony to how good this app works and the amount of information about your workout you can store. Also, a nice touch is the voice feature that lets you know how far you’ve traveled, speed and other useful information without you taking your eyes from the road, which could be dangerous in some cases and might result in injuries or the need for a medical app. All you need now is your biking gear and your two wheeler and you are all set. Go and have some fun, get thin or just stroll the streets of your city and feel like you have no worries in the world. These biking apps for Android and iOS will help you find the best places to cycle and give you very useful information about your biking trip. Also, better find a good map app so you won’t get lost, because some of them do not give you a map.