If you are having US citizenship, you can easily travel to many countries like a global nomad. American passport lets you travel to 147 countries without the need of visa. American Passport makes international travel cheaper as well as convenient to the holders unlike the passport from countries like South Sudan, on which holder can only travel to 28 countries without visa. So, we have made a list countries having most powerful countries, which lets you travel to many countries without the need of visa. We have also mentioned countries whose passport is least powerful. #1 Access to 147 countries

U.K. United States

#2 Access to 145 countries

South Korea Germany France

#3 Access to 144 countries

Italy Sweden

#4 Access to 143 countries

Singapore Japan Finland Denmark Luxembourg Netherlands

#5 Access to 142 countries

Switzerland Canada

#6 Access to 141 countries

Hungary Ireland Belgium Portugal Norway Spain


List of Least Powerful Passports :

#1 Access to 28 countries

Myanmar Solomon Islands Palestinian Territories Sao Tome and Principe South Sudan

Access to 38 countries

Iraq Afghanistan Nepal Ethiopia Djibouti

Access to 39 countries

Somalia Eritrea

Access to 40 countries

Burundi Haiti Bhutan Comoros Equatorial Guinea

So, this is all about the countries having powerful and least powerful passports. We hope that you enjoyed this list, feel free to share this list with your friends. Source: Arton Capital