If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry — we’ve picked out a range of great deals on products like iPads, wireless headphones, cooking gadgets, power tools and more. Tap or click here to see some of our top picks for Prime Day. Now that Prime Day is here, we have even more deals to share with you. If you’re ready to save hundreds of dollars on some of the year’s best gadgets and smart home accessories, make sure to snap up these items before other shoppers have a chance to! The Echo Dot is the smart speaker that made Alexa a (literal) household name. If you put one in your living room, you can ask Alexa questions, play music and control thousands of smart home accessories with nothing more than your voice. You can even expand Alexa’s features with thousands of downloadable Skills.

Get yourself a TV that does it all

Fix your spotty Wi-Fi in one fell swoop with this eero mesh router pack

Have you heard the news? Mesh networks are the Wi-Fi of the future! Unlike traditional Wi-Fi networks that broadcast from a single router, mesh networks involve multiple wireless hubs working together as a team. The result is a faster, more consistent connection in every room of your house. When it comes to mesh networks, we recommend the eero Wi-Fi system. This mesh network covers up to 5,000 sq. ft and each eero hub is small enough to disappear into your home decor. It’s Wi-Fi done right.

Take to the skies with this advanced quadcopter drone

Have you ever wished you could fly? Well, you’re not getting a jetpack from Tesla anytime soon — so this mini quadcopter drone is the next best thing. This compact remote-controlled drone from Mavic is capable of up to 30 minutes of flight time with a fully-charged battery. It’s also equipped with a 12-megapixel camera for gorgeous, crisp aerial footage. It’s the easiest way to get a bird’s-eye view of the world. This combo also includes a remote control, three batteries, three pairs of spare propellers and other accessories. Echo Show is an easy-to-use smart home hub that comes jam-packed with features like Alexa and video calling. Ring Video Doorbell is a perfect beginner’s surveillance camera that installs right outside your front door (and works with your Echo Show). Now, you’ll know exactly who’s coming to visit no matter where you are in the house.

The loudest, most durable way to enjoy your music

If you’ve been looking for the best way to enjoy your music outdoors, a Bluetooth speaker is exactly what you’re looking for. But if you plan on rocking out by the pool or on a camping trip, you need something rugged enough to take a tumble — or a short dip in the water — without breaking. This Bluetooth Boombox from JBL is the perfect companion for music-lovers. It’s waterproofed and coated in ultra-tough plastic to survive even the wildest pool parties.

Go touch-free with this Moen faucet

Thanks to COVID-19, many of us are frantically cleaning the surfaces in our homes to kill lingering germs. And when it comes to frequently-touched places like faucets, sometimes it seems like it would be easier to have an automatic one like the kind you see at the mall or in restaurants. This touch-free faucet from Moen is the most hygienic way to wash your hands — and features an accurate motion sensor that detects when you’re ready to soap up.

The smart way to control your garage

Now that you’ve started picking up smart home gadgets like the Echo Show, Ring doorbell and Echo Dot, why not outfit the rest of your house to work with your smartphone? Case in point: This smart garage opener from MyQ.

One of the best tablet choices you can buy for the price

And for Prime Day 2020, the Fire HD 10 tablet can be yours for under $100. That’s right, a fully functional tablet for less than $100. It’s a steal.

Don’t touch that dial — just use your words

If you’ve been wanting to save money on your energy bill each month, you need a better way to control and keep tabs on your thermostat. Otherwise, it may turn off or on when you don’t need it to — which can waste expensive electricity. This smart thermostat from ecobee lets you create custom temperature cycles right from your smartphone. It’s also fully compatible with Alexa, which means you can adjust the settings using your voice.

‘Alexa, brew me a coffee’

And if you hate finicky tech, this is a great choice. It’s designed under the “Certified for humans” branding, which means no fussy gimmicks or tinkering in its design.

The ultimate gadget can be yours for less

Few gadgets these days have the absolute “cool factor” of a 3D printer. Once you have one set up, an entire online ecosystem of crafted goods and custom products opens up to you. And if you know 3D modeling, you can even create your own designs. This 3D printer from Dremel Digilab is a perfect desk companion. And compared to traditional 3D printers, it hardly takes up any space.

Perfect companion for bookworms

Make your memories matter

Imagine if you could take your entire photo collection and display them in one place. Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore — because this digital picture frame from Nixplay makes it possible. With your frame set up, you can easily beam photos directly from your phone to show them off to guests. And just like many other items on this list, it’s also Alexa compatible so you can request your favorite albums.

The ultimate Alexa device for your living room