Roger Dingledine, the co-founder of the TOR project at the DEF CON convention that ran from July 27 to 30, brought together some of the most prominent hackers in the world.

.onion … confused with Dark Web?

In his intervention at the DEF CON hacker convention in Las Vegas, TOR project co-founder Roger Dingledine said that Dark Web does not exist and that it is only a few pages. According to him, who wrongly classifies the Dark Web as a paradise of illegal activities is the press. In addition, only 3% of TOR users connect to a hidden .onion site. In fact, the Dark Web has always been spoken of as an immense place in the guts of the Internet where the crime was on the loose, a kind of paradise, but one of the three founders of the TOR Project, said there are many misconceptions about it. Dingledine has been rather hard on journalists for having characterized the privacy system as an obstacle exclusively used by traffickers and pedophiles to hide from the authorities. “There is basically Dark Web. It does not exist. They are just a few web pages” Dingledine said. For those who are curious about the themes and want numbers, then it became known that only 3% of TOR users are linking to a hidden site, as Dingledine said. This means that most users are using the TOR network to simply analyze their activities on the indexed web. They are only using the project to prevent site owners from collecting data that each of us, surfing “unprotected”, leaves in its digital footprint.

Facebook leads the most used site for TOR users

According to their data, surprisingly, the social network giant Facebook is the most popular site visited by TOR users. Today, more than one million people visit Facebook using TOR browser, thanks to the network’s hidden service launched in 2014. Dingledine also reassured all those who think that intelligence agencies have already “cracked” the TOR security and anonymity system, thereby compromising their integrity: “Security agencies did not have to create their own “trap” nodes if they only wanted to monitor those who executed them”. The question is in the air, is everything just a story of the “bad wolf”. So, what do you think about this? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.