As FBI hired someone with experience on the inside, a former Tor Project developer created malware for the FBI(Federal Bureau of Investigation) to hack and unmask the users of anonymity software Tor, as the FBI(Federal Bureau of Investigation) suspected few users of Tor who runs the child pornography websites. Law enforcement officials refuse to disclose the method by which they were able to establish the identity of the perpetrators, but at the moment in this regard, there are several versions. According to one of them, for the De-anonymization of Tor users Federal Bureau of Investigation paid $ 1 million to the researchers from Carnegie Mellon University, and in another version appealed for help to the Hacking Team. However, no one can know Tor better than its developers. According to an investigation conducted by the journalists of the Daily Dot, a cybersecurity expert Matthew Edman who worked as a part-time employee at Tor Project, the nonprofit that builds Tor software and maintains the network, almost a decade ago, helped the FBI(Federal Bureau of Investigation) and U.S. intelligence agencies to investigate several high-profile cases. Cybersecurity expert Matthew Edman created the Cornhusker Tool, also known as Torsploit, used by the FBI(Federal Bureau of Investigation) officers during an operation to capture the Torpedo distributors of child pornography, as well as in the investigation of cases of drug trafficking through the area Silk Road. Matthew Edman a cybersecurity expert joined the Tor Project in 2008. His responsibilities include the development of Vidalia, the software that simplifies working with normal users through the Tor-friendly graphical interface. In addition, the expert helped anonymizer developers in research. However, according to representatives of the Tor Project, “Vidalia is the only software, which Matthew Edman could make any changes.” As the anonymity software Tor, abandoned Vidalia and replaced it with other tools designed to improve the user experience in 2013. In 2012, the cybersecurity expert Matthew Edman served as senior engineer for cybersecurity in the Mitre Corporation and it is an American not-for-profit organization based in Bedford, Massachusetts, and McLean, Virginia. Service companies enjoyed a little-known division of the FBI Remote Operations Unit, engaged in the development and purchase of tools for tracking suspects or criminals. On the basis of the previous experience of Matthew Edman in Tor Project, the FBI(Federal Bureau of Investigation) hired him to break into Tor within Torpedo operation. With Cornhusker software developed by them has disclosed at least 25 members, 19 of whom have been charged.