Torrent Websites Deploy Mirror Sites To Bypass Ban

We all know very well that recently several stories related to downloads through P2P networks, or you can say Torrent sites have caught the attention of Internet users in India. As recently, in India, the government of the country has announced the blocking of several torrent sites simply to block the users from downloading copyright and protected contents. Hence, in this situation, there are many users who might be thinking that downloading copyright protected files from torrent sites is legal in India or not. Basically, it is a complicated debate, in which we won’t be able to get any clear response, as users and experts have different arguments. Also Read: RARBG Alternatives: 10 Best Working Torrent Sites But, according to the experts and Indian government “it is not legal,”. But, experts have also justified that it is not a crime for a non-profit user, but it can constitute a civil offense for which the offender may be forced to compensate. And many experts also argue that it depends on the content of the file that the torrent carries, that way we could have a distinction. However, now after 2 years, it was publicly announced by the government that downloading any copyrighted products like movies or music via torrent sites is punishable. As the practice of illegally downloading movies and music still growing rapidly. Hence, the well-known Torrent websites like,, PirateBay, and other popular sites were banned by the Indian government for all the Internet users in India. Basically, all these popular torrent websites were hit by this roadblock in 2016 when the government of this country decided to ban all of them simply to prohibit illegal torrent downloads. But, the most interesting thing is that after getting banned by several government bodies the owners of those sites simply found other alternatives. Yes, after getting banned several mirror sites appeared all over the Internet. Also Read: Top 8 Best Kickass Torrent Alternatives Hence, experts argued that banning the mirror sites would not be a fruitful step, as just after putting a ban over all those mirror sites will again form a new one could simply by changing its domain name, and this activity is really instantaneous. That’s why the Indian government passed a law in 2016 which clearly states that if anyone visits any banned torrent websites and try to download any file then he/she will be simply liable to get a three-year jail sentence along with a hefty fine amount. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.