was one of the longest-lived portals and most famous of the network torrents. Created in 2003 by “Flippy”, which has been one of the reference pages in the torrent community because it had a great functionality. As we all know that whenever we have any query regarding torrent files or contents simply we browse the search engine where we just simply enter the name of any content and it makes appeared all the torrent pages where the file was available. But, currently at the time of writing, the displays a message that “Torrentz was a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search engines”. The had millions of visitors a day and now it seemed to not store any ‘.torrent’ file on their servers, but only linking to other websites. A few hours ago without any warning or notice, the famous search engine, has disabled its search function. If someone is trying to run a search, or clicking any link given on the site, it is showing a new message by changing the earlier message “Torrentz will always love you. Farewell”. The webmaster has not yet made any statement about it on the closure of the popular torrent search engine and prefers to stay out and silent, it probably gives an idea that it has been threatened by the authorities or that they have enough evidence to shut down the web. What is clear is that the web will leave a big hole in the net and that in the coming months most likely some netizen venture to fill a web of similar functions and features. Other popular site backups are also fallen and the search function does not work. Both the primary domain .eu and backups .me, .in, and .ch are also down and showing the same message as the original page showing . However, before falling, the page occupied the 186th place in the Alexa ranking popularity worldwide Internet, which shows how important it was anywhere on the network.