In a recently discovered patent, Toshiba aims make use of Windows’ support for two monitors and, why not, they might be releasing an eReader with Windows 8 inside. Although there is little to be known about this future book, it seems that Toshiba will use two LCD or OLED displays to support viewing of documents, images, web pages and “other information”, while the device itself is opened.

Toshiba and foldable devices

Taking a look back, Toshiba has a clear history of foldable devices. Two years ago, in 2010, the Libretto W100 was introduced with two 7-inch wide multi-touch displays, an Intel Pentium 1.2GHz processor, a 64GB solid state drive and 2GB of RAM. Powered by Windows 7 and costing around $1.100, the device failed to leave a mark probably because of its limited uses and the high price. Now, Toshiba wants to revive that project with a clear aim towards eBooks and the project may succeed if it comes at a competitive price. Although the patent discovered consists out of a small collection of pictures and a brief description, Toshiba may allow the device to also stream video content from the web. This video content seems to be either television-related signals or simply something imported from another device.Toshiba also states that the device can be used in some cases as a double frame photo stand, but that would be a pity for such a project. There were no details regarding plans for a broad launch, but the patent was first filled in the first quarter of 2012 in US and Q1 2011 for Japan.