The touch-first version of Microsoft Office is scheduled for release in the coming months as we all know. But a new revelation by ZDNet reveals that the latest Office suite will make its way to the Google Play Store first before heading over to the Windows Store. This shows that Microsoft is prioritizing the launch of its most lucrative apps on the basis of marketshare, which is a logical move. This might come as a bit of a shock for Windows loyalists, however, as Microsoft has traditionally launched all its services on Windows devices first. But times have changed now and Microsoft wants to get its services to whichever platform demands it the most. It is believed that the touch-first Office will be landing on Android before the end of the year. Sadly for Windows users, it will not be available until Spring 2015, so they will have some waiting to do. The Redmond giant has been teasing the launch of this touch based productivity suite for quite some time now with demos being shown off last year. However, its launch has been postponed on a regular basis indicating that there’s still some “last minute” tweaking left to do. We hope to come across more information on this new version of Microsoft Office for Android in the coming months.