For what it’s worth, I actually really like the new version of Touchz. It’s something I’d consider using every day, I’ve already found wallpapers widgets to make it all look nice. The only bummer is that it doesn’t have Now embedded on its far-left Home screen, like the uncher (you can turn off Flipboard on the left screen, but you can’t replace it). Instead, you get to Now by long-pressing the home button. Samsung adding in a new Themes feature this time around, though I won’t touch upon it in this writeup, I will be using one over the weekend to see what life with a dedicated Samsung theme is really like. For now, here are my initial impressions of Samsung’s newly revamped user interface. It’s friendly, easy to use, still blue, but it’s so much better than it’s ever been. The fact that it runs Android llipop certainly helps, too. If you want, you can use the S Finder to browse files folders on your device, like OS X’s Spotlight, there’s also a shortcut for Quick connect. Thus far, I haven’t found the option to remove either of these features from the drop-down shade. rhaps there will come a time when I’ll feel compelled to use them. Curiously, some apps that live on the Home screen don’t appear in the Application drawer. I haven’t figured out why just yet. From here, you can choose to customize a batch of Quick settings at the top of the Settings panel based on your needs. Then, as you scroll down, you’ll see the Settings all laid out the essentialy the same as stock llipop. If you really can’t find what you need, you can simply use the search function. Samsung still added a few of its own bits to it. You can tap an icon to engage Multi-window, for instance, or tap Close l at the bottom to dismiss all apps at once—that’s something stock llipop doesn’t currently do. The phone also comes preloaded with Facebook Messenger the okout security suite, both of which are unremovable. I’ve never consistently used a security suite for Android, except for the few times I’ve written about them, I don’t plan to start now. It’s a bummer, because both apps take up 100MB of space together, the Galaxy S6 is no longer equipped with an expansion slot. At least most of the apps it bundles are actually apps you’d use.