While Motorola offers a bootloader unlocking tool for its devices, its Droid line-up of devices and the Verizon Moto X come with a locked down bootloader that makes gaining root access on them a tough process. While developers have managed to gain root access on the Moto X, they have only been temporary in nature with root access being lost after a reboot and requiring users to connect the phone to a PC to regain it. Thanks to developer iKrYpToNiTe, owners of Verizon and other variants of the Moto X that come with a locked down bootloader, can gain permanent root access on the handset using TowelPieRoot. As the name suggests, TowelPieRoot is an amalgamation of geohot’s Towel and Pie root exploit. The root method is temporary in nature but the developer has used some clever hackery to enable root access every time the handset is restarted to provide users with true untethered root access. The root method, however, does not turn off system write protection, which is a bummer. If you are rooting your Moto X to install Xposed framework, make sure to do a soft reboot on the handset after installing it, otherwise you will run into some installation issues.