Phones these days are used to store a large amount of data such as contacts, messages and email accounts; a large amount of personal data is stored in one’s phone and hence, once stolen or lost, it can be a real big problem. In case of an Android smartphones, there are large number of apps in the Android Market which you can use not only to discover the location of your lost Android smartphone, but to remotely access it and erase private data. Thus, tracking Android phones is easier and uncomplicated as compared to other phones. A large amount of free applications are available in the Google Play Store, which helps the user to keep a track of his Android smartphone. These available applications use your inbuilt Android’s GPS and locate the phone using Internet and a web browser. All you need to do is install the application on your Android smartphone and, in case of any trouble, the phone can be easily tracked with the help of these applications. Most of these services are available for free and they are designed specifically to track an Android smartphone in case of loss or theft. Editor’s note: In August 2013, Google has released Android Device Manager which is available for all Android devices running OS 2.2 and above. The best part is, one can use it to track their phone if they’ve enabled the location services, but the feature set is pretty minimal. The below apps have extensive feature sets which go beyond phone tracking.

Apps to Track Android Phones

1. Track Android Phones with Mobile Spy LIVE

A widely known application is Mobile Spy LIVE, which is an improved version of Mobile Spy’s popular Android tracking app. The licensed version of this application can be purchased online, thereby availing various services provided by the application. This application enables you to track any Android smartphone using its new LIVE tracking feature. Hence, it has a plus point over various other available market applications. Many other additional features of Mobile Spy are also available with this application.

2. My Lookout

Lookout is another award winning Android application which can be used to protect your phone in case of viruses, theft or in case of misplace. It has been downloaded by thousands of users so far. Lookout is available in two versions: free, as well as premium. The free version provides protection against viruses and spyware. The premium version is a paid one and offers some enhanced features. It also provides features of backup and restore. It can also track the phone if you’ve lost it or if it has been stolen. Lookout is a comprehensive security solution for your Android smartphone, but if you feel it’s not enough, you can look at this list of 15 mobile antiviruses for Android, as well. Update: It now comes with Custom ScreamTones feature!

3. Where’s My Droid

This is a free application for Android smartphones which can be downloaded online, as well. This application is available for tracking the missing Android phone in a nearby area. This application can be of a great help when your phone has been lost somewhere nearby. When your phone is in silent mode it can be tracked easily through this application. Its significant feature is that it can ring the phone loud even when it is in silent mode.

4. McAfee WaveSecure

McAfee WaveSecure is a comprehensive Android security service available for free for Android smartphone users. It enables Android users to protect various data, ensures their privacy and enhances the recovery of the stolen Android smartphone. The most distinguishing feature of this application which makes it better than other various available applications is the ‘Uninstall Protection‘ which makes the uninstallation of the application impossible for any one other person than yourself. WaveSecure also hold various features for data backup. All the essential phone data is backed up securely on the website. With WaveSecure, even photos and videos can be backed up. The phone is automatically locked in case of simcard change.

5. Locate Stolen Android Device with iTag 

iTag is yet another free service available for Android smartphones to locate and protect your stolen device. You can view the location of the Android smartphone from the website, you can make it ring even when in the silent mode and you can backup and remove data from it. iTag provides various features such as tracking and locating the mobile using GPS. In case of theft, the location of the Android smartphone can be easily obtained using WaveSecure’s website. You can even remove the data which is personal and important from your phone. The application also sends you email alerts mentioning the new phone number of the person who has stolen the phone.

6. Anti Droid Theft

Anti Droid Theft is a free app available to track your lost or stolen Android smartphone. It uses the built-in GPS of Android OS to track it using the satellite. Once you install the application, you may login to the Anti Droid website to discover the location of your phone. A unique feature of Anti Droid Theft is the Spy Camera, which enables you to take your phone’s pictures via the Anti Droid Theft website.

7. Remotely Access Android Phone with Mobile Defense

Mobile Defense is an Android application which was developed as a result of the need for security and privacy protection on Android phones. Once installed on your Android, Mobile Defense application allows you to lock, backup, and remotely access your Android phone. With Mobile Defense, you can track your Android phone with help of a map. It is an effective application and it does not occupy too much phone memory when inactive. Mobile Defense ensures the complete security of your personal data and information.

8. Free Android Tracker – Prey

Prey is a popular Android security application which enables you to keep a track of all your Android devices at one place. Its free version enables the user to add up to 3 devices. It is a cross platform application which holds many essential security features. With Prey, one can manage and track all the devices at one place. The internet is filled with a large number of applications for Android phone tracking, but most of them provide the user with premium and basic functions to secure one’s data and remedial tracking functions. Related Read: iPhone Tracking Apps