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Wavesecure is an Android app to recover your lost/stolen Android mobile like Motorola Droid and Google Nexus One! Wavesecure is free to download till 31 January 2010! It can lock it from further use, restore your contacts and call/SMS history, and even roughly locate and track its wayward use.

Install the app on your phone, back up your data and SMS/call logs, and set up an automatic backup routine, if you’d like. WaveSecure also asks for at least one friend’s contact number that it will SMS in the event that your SIM card is swapped out for another.

Wavesecure Features

» Track down your phone’s location and who is using it » Lock down your phone remotely, make it worthless to the thief » Backup all your data, automatically and securely » Wipe out your data remotely, protect your privacy

After your phone gets lost or stolen, you can remotely lock down its data, track its activity and carrier use, and, of course, hear back from your friends who got text messaged when your phone was tinkered with. If you want, you can have WaveSecure try to pin down the rough location of the phone. Realistically, all these will happen if the culprit has GPS or wi-fi enabled. Else, it’s gonna be tough to track it down. Check out the demo video below to get an idea of what this app is capable of.

This application is available for other mobile platforms like symbian and windows mobile. To download this app, enter the address in your mobile browser or you can download it on your PC from this wavesecure download link.