Artificial intelligence-based tech has been widely featured these past several years, finding its way into 3D animation, autonomous cars, and more. However, some companies also introduced AI in some of our favorite pastimes. Such is the case with this CES-featured chessboard. Square Off Pro is what InfinVention Technologies calls the World’s First Rollable Tournament e-Chessboard, and it’s available now for $225. With the Square Off Pro, you’ll always have a worthy opponent to challenge, whether it’s face-to-face with a friend, a competitor across the world, or the chessboard’s Adaptive AI, which adjusts to your skill level quickly. This chessboard is tournament-sized, rollable, and lightweight, making it portable and easy to set up for matches on the go.  The intricately designed board and pieces allow you to train your skills. For example, the board has lights that can guide you through smart moves against the AI or warn you against dangers ahead. It all happens automatically thanks to Viktor, the Square Off app’s built-in coach.  If you want to play with friends, unroll the Square Off Pro and face off under the same roof (or out at your local park, if you’re so inclined). You can also connect with more than 50 million players worldwide via and Lichess in the app. That’s right, you can use the physical board to compete online. You can sharpen your skills by recording games as you play and analyzing your moves post-match within the app. Square Off Pro also lets you participate in league tournaments or connect to video calls to taunt your foe. Grandmaster Anna Rudolf has given Square Off Pro her approval, calling it “a smart AI board that can coach you and play against you.” So, are you ready to hone your chess game? For a limited time, you can purchase Square Off Pro: World’s First Rollable Tournament e-Chessboard for $225 (that’s at 9% off). Prices subject to change.