Programmers and designers together can create compelling projects, but project management makes it all come together. As you might imagine, project managers are in high demand, but it takes more than good leadership instincts and other soft skills to be a successful one. In today’s world, project management is a science, and you can learn all about it for less than $60 in the 2022 Premium Project Management Super Prep Bundle. This package of online courses is taught by the tech and business gurus at Stone River e-Learning. Their classes are structured in a way that anyone can learn. So if you’ve never been in management or on a DevOps team, this bundle can boost your resume. While the intro courses give you a firm grasp of the general concepts, you can narrow down your career path with the later, more specialized classes. There are several different project management methodologies in use today, and what works for one company may be next to useless at another. Stone River’s advanced courses cover Six Sigma, Agile, Scrum, and other major systems, so you will be ready no matter what environment you’re working in. Better still, you’ll come away from these tutorials ready to take the certification exams that qualify you for those high-paying project management positions. Once you’ve got your PMP certification, for example, you can start applying to be a project coordinator, project analyst, or team leader in various industries. All of Stone River’s courses are entirely up to date with 2022 requirements, and you can learn on your own time. The 2022 Premium Project Management Super Prep Bundle is now available for $59.99 – that’s a discount of 93% off the MSRP.