The app now instantly translates signage when you point your camera at it, as was happy to show off in a GIF. Translate now works this magic with 27 different languages. also says the offline capabilities work much faster, which should enable you to quickly find out what that sign means whether or not you have a Internet connection. The Translate team made a video to show off just how fast it can work. To try out the new languages you need to go into the Translate app click the camera button in order to download a 2 MB language pack for each language you want.  also promises that voice translation is much faster, even on slow unreliable mobile networks. The update will roll out over the next few days to the Android iOS apps. The story behind the story: is making the most of its acquisition of rd ns, which powers the augmented features of the new version of Translate. The other big improvement is in offline use, which is helpful because when you’re traveling abroad you can figure out what that sign means even if you don’t have access to a data network.