When’s the last time you replaced your towels? There’s nothing like swapping out your flat, stained, stinky ones for fluffy new towels. The problem is most towels don’t keep that fresh feeling for very long. A few washes and you’re back to thin towels that get musty after just a shower or two. That’s why I went looking for a better towel that actually stays nice and fights all the gunk we put into them, even when we’re clean. I was thrilled to hear my pals at OURA have solved the problem of subpar towels with the self-sterilizing OURA Alta Towel.

The towel you can’t live without

It’s made of soft, hypoallergenic cotton that’s infused with copper. Using sonic waves, copper is actually embedded right into the cotton threads. This process permanently attaches the copper so it won’t wash away. These tiny minerals actively kill any bacteria. Cool, right? Copper has also been proven to promote skin health and elasticity, so using the towel can help to improve the appearance of your skin over time. If the name OURA sounds familiar, it’s because this company made my favorite face mask of the pandemic. They rock, and I heard from lots of you who thought so, too. Oura’s new towel comes in crisp white, Nimbus, and a beautiful blue, Horizon. They retail for $155. You can use code KIM10 for 10% off your purchase. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Kim, these are pricey.” Sure, you can buy cheap stuff that you need to replace in a year, or you can spend a little more for a towel that will be fresh and bouncy for years to come. I believe in this company. That’s why I negotiated a special deal just for you. Shop now and get 10% off when you use promo code KIM10. Treat yourself, a friend or a family member. I know these are at the top of my gift list this year. Who wouldn’t want a couple of nice towels and a good-smelling candle? Happy shopping!