That was the price in US Dollars of the Apple 1, the first computer made by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs and released in 1976. Wozniak is believed to have sold his HP calculator for USD 500 and Jobs sold his VW microbus (and was ready to sell a bicycle too). Some say that the price reflected Wozniak’s fascination with repeating digits, some say it reflected a one-third markup on the wholesale price. Take your pick.


After all those sacrifices by the two Steves, there were only about 200 units of the Apple 1 that were produced and sold (perhaps even lesser). It was discontinued in October 1977, as Apple moved to the Apple II which sold for…well, see next point!


That was the number of years for which the Apple II series was sold. It was launched in June 1977 and continued right until October 1993, making it one of the longest selling mass market computer series of its time. It is believed to have sold between five and six million units in this time – not too bad when you consider that computers were a relatively expensive rarity in those days.


That was the number of times Apple’s now legendary 1984 ad (by Ridley Scott) for the Macintosh was aired. It was aired initially in Twin Falls, Idaho, on December 31 1983, on KMVT-TV, well before the 1984 Super Bowl. Doing this enabled it to qualify for a number of awards for 1983. It, of course, became famous when it was telecast on January 22, 1984, during the Super Bowl.

150 million

That was the number of dollars that Apple’s arch-rival, Microsoft, invested in non-voting stock of the company in 1997. Steve Jobs, who had just returned to Apple, made the announcement to a shocked audience at Macworld, talking to Bill Gates via satellite on stage, and thanking him for a deal that many believe saved the company which was teetering on the brink (Michael Dell had famously remarked that if he was running Apple, he would shut it down and return the money to its shareholders. Jobs, of course, thought different.) Incidentally, that is ALSO the amount of money that is believed to have been spent in the development of the first iPhone.


The total number of colors in which the iMac, the computer which many credit with turning Apple’s fortunes around, was available, during its existence from 1998-2002. At a time when most computers were available only in grey, black and occasionally white, the colorful all in one computer was a rage. The colors were: Bondi Blue, Blueberry, Grape, Tangerine, Lime, Strawberry, Graphite, Ruby, Sage, Indigo, Snow, Blue Dalmatian and Flower Power.


That’s the number of songs Apple claimed it could put in your pocket in October 2001. The product it was referring to was, of course, the iconic iPod, whose first edition came with all of 5GB of onboard storage (and was Mac compatible only!).

1.3 Billion+

That is the number of iPhones the company has sold so far, until the end of Q2 2018. Right from the first iPhone.


The total number of apps with which the App Store got underway on July 10, 2008. There are now close to two million apps available now.

More than 15000 percent

That’s how much the Apple stock has grown since 2001 when Apple opened its first Apple Stores and launched the iPod. The stock in 2001 was valued at USD 1.97. At the time of writing, it stood at USD 207.39. Want to know by how much the stock has grown since it was first listed waaaay back in 1980? More than fifty thousand per cent! Oh and one more thing…


Dollar. The annual salary of Steve Jobs from 1997-2011.