A smart planner city guide, Trips is meant to be the one-stop travel companion for all of your tourism needs. It pulls reservation information from Gmail, suggests places to go, even lets you download everything for offline use. If you’re a frequent traveler it’s a way better option than Maps, while the new update isn’t a huge one, it does bring a few features that might make people more apt to use it. The biggest change is the ability to detect pull in train bus information from your Gmail account as well as flight, hotel, car, restaurant reservations. As says, more than 3 million rail bus trips are booked each week around the world, now Trips will keep track of them all for you. And if there are any bookings it can’t find, you can now manually enter reservations as well. so new is a sharing option. ile Trips is clearly designed for personal travel, you can now send your plans with others with a single tap. The people you share your itinerary with will receive an email with your full reservation details, which they can also view inside the app on their own phone. This feature doesn’t seem to be live yet, at least on the Android version I was using. The update is rolling out to the ay Store iOS App Store, but if you’re not seeing it on your Android phone, you can download the -signed A from AMirror. Travel tips: Trips is an excellent travel companion with a lot of great features, but I can’t help but wish it wasn’t more integrated with ’s other apps. Much like ‘s various messaging apps, Trips is a stalone service that doesn’t need to be so isolated. The most obvious integration would be with Maps, which could use Trips’ planning tools to make it more of a full-featured travel app than simply directing you from int A to int B. so missing is an easier way to make checklists. As it sts, you need to go into the Reservations section to add a note, but Keep integration would go a long way toward making Trips our go-to destination for travel.