Did you forget to plug in your iPhone, or did you not give it enough time to charge? Newer iPhone models are compatible with fast chargers, and the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max even included 18W fast chargers in the box. While the iPhone 12 models don’t come with a wall adapter, you can get a fast charger from Apple or a third party. Tap or click here to check out some options. Some apps are claiming that they can also help charge your phone faster. Is there truth behind this? The answer is a bit complicated. We’ll look into it and give you the verdict.

Sneaky claims

Search the Google Play Store for fast charging and you’ll find a vast selection of apps with some graphic depiction of a juiced-up battery. These apps say that they can boost your charging speed and slow down your phone’s battery drain. RELATED: Battery problems after upgrading to iOS 14.5? Here’s how to fix it There is some truth to these claims, but you need to look closer. They don’t actually speed up your charging process. What they do is disable features and functions on your phone that drain your battery. This includes Wi-Fi, screen brightness, Bluetooth, background apps, screen rotation and more. They can even disable network connections or roll your connection back to 3G or 2G. Disabling functions that drain the battery may lead to a limited increase in charging speed. And once you’re off the charger, your battery will drain slower. But you will need to turn many of these functions back on, such as Wi-Fi and cellular connections. The thing is, you can close background apps and turn off mobile data and GPS yourself if you need a quick charge. You can even use airplane mode or turn off your phone. You don’t need an app to do any of this, especially one you have to pay for. RELATED: It’s important to check your laptop battery’s health – here’s how Battery health is important, but it’s just one thing you need to keep track of and maintain when it comes to your tech. Tap or click here for a checkup list to improve your gadgets’ performance and keep them running longer.

Get the gear

Anker Nano with USB-C to Lightning (for iPhones): https://amzn.to/3AalG1RAnker Nano with USB-C to USB-C (for Android): https://amzn.to/3xA56Hf

Whatever you do, never leave your phone charging overnight. Tap or click here to find out why.