Prices for tech, toys, furniture and more are set to increase as availability becomes more scarce. You might want to get a jump on things ahead of the inevitable Black Friday shortages. Tap or click here for our list of 6 things you should buy now. Word has also been going around that there will be a turkey shortage this year. Though reports show otherwise, it might be a good idea to start planning your Thanksgiving dinner now. We’ll show you how to get the jump on Turkey Day.

Here’s the backstory

Shady Brook Farm, one of the largest turkey suppliers in the U.S., sent a letter to retailers and distributors in July. The letter stated that smaller turkeys would be in short supply this year. A food seller spoke to the New York Post about the letter, and the internet ran with it. The search term “turkey shortage” is still trending on Google. Turkeys under 16 pounds will be the most affected by supply chain issues. These sizes are usually the most popular, especially with the increase of smaller gatherings during the pandemic. You’ll likely have an easier time finding a larger turkey. While fresh turkey production will be down compared to last year, a spokesperson from the Department of Agriculture (USDA) told Consumer Reports that “calling this a turkey shortage is an overstatement.” However, all is not well as food market analyst Phil Lempert told Consumer Reports that you could also expect to pay 10-15% more for turkey this year, along with any other type of meat.

How to score a smaller turkey

You can order a small fresh turkey today from local farms. White Oak Pastures lets you reserve a bird on its website. It’s akin to buying a gift card. You’ll get a code via email after you complete your purchase. You’ll get a message when it’s time to redeem your pre-order gift card and complete your purchase. Holiday turkeys ship from Nov. 15 to Nov. 21. Tap or click here to check out the pre-order page. Prices start at $112 for an 8-12 pound turkey. Companies like Heritage Foods USA partner with local farms and are less affected by some of the industry’s issues. Heritage Foods USA purchases whole animals and sells them in parts for retail and wholesale. You can pre-order a turkey now, starting at 12 pounds. Choose between two delivery dates: Nov. 18 or Nov. 23. Tap or click here to check out what’s available. Prices start at $159 for a 10-12 pound turkey. If you’d prefer to buy a frozen turkey in person, check out your local supermarket. Or even better, a smaller independent grocery store. You can get a bird now and store it in your freezer until it’s time to prep it. Make sure you have enough space for it!

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