As a consequence of this merger, Truecaller will be treated to features from the Truedialer and the company has also tossed in a few additional capabilities. Smart Call History takes control of your call history and replaces the unknown number with the actual name thus letting the users automatically save the contact in the phonebook. Further it also eliminates the need to manually search for an unknown number in Truecaller. Availability is a feature high on utilitarian grounds, this particular feature will let callers check on whether the contact is available to take the calls. This will help you ensure that the caller is not disturbed while he is on another call. Now the most obvious feature, Built-in dialer, considering the merger of the app the dialler feature will let users call directly from Truecaller. The update is being rolled out for the Android users incrementally and it is only a matter of time before it reaches the entire userbase. At the outset it seems like a great idea to blend both apps as it would not only add a new set of features for the Truecaller app but would also eliminate the need to install separate apps. The very fact that a marginally higher number of people use the Truecaller than the Truedialer might have also fueled this move.